Ranked (Constructed) Discussion


What are people using to climb atm? Tried AM reno mage but found it really inconsistent, so moved to secret pally… well in 5x games I didn’t get Mysterious Challenger and lost each one so looking for another deck atm ^^

(Van Slab) #445

I’ll be playing murloc pally when I get round to chimbing

(Gavin Rainey) #446

ill help you with decks

you shouldnt be worried about MC with the right secret pally

you might need a more aggressive one

(Gavin Rainey) #447

(DayC) #448

Nice Gav! Are you watching a speedrun in the background by any chance?

(Gavin Rainey) #449

Yes mate zfg

(Dean) #450

KKK part 1

(Sam Hignett) #451


(-.---.) #452

Trying out reno lock for some full-on memes

(Gavin Rainey) #453


(DayC) #454

I run this list Bagel and just started my season 8-0 atm. Just give it time and learn what to mully for.

(DayC) #455

One more thing I should say is that I run Zombie Chow over secret keeper, I prefer the consistency of it.


@DayC @Easy Cheers guys, much appreciated - haven’t been at my PC in the last few days to post what my previous deck was but I’ll certainly give this a go and yea DayC I’ll try Chow over SK.

(Gavin Rainey) #457

I was a professional undertaker midrange hunter, I love the buff

it reminds me of

coin undertaker undertake
webspinner webspinner


(DayC) #458

Yeah the buff is sick, it’s justa tad too inconsistent for me and the 5 health I give them means nearly nothing when i’m guaranteed to protect my creatures so that’s why I pick the chow.

It’s totally personal preference, @Bagelzend don’t be afraid to make changes dependent on what works in your mind, if you’re far more comfortable using one card over another then try it out and see the results with your own eyes.We can give you an archetype but if your current rank sees you better off with 2 blessing of kings, for whatever reason, then do it. Adjusting to the local meta that you’re seeing is quite a valuable thing to learn. Of course you have to play some games not just one loss and that’s it but there’s nothing wrong with staying flexible.

(DayC) #459

@Bagelzend this is why we need nerfs. For lower rank climbing this deck just shits on people with its consistency.

(Gaskin) #460

Ladder is just disgusting. Standard really needs to hurry up.

(Van Slab) #461

You just need to tech in Loatheb and a few pandas

(Gavin Rainey) #462

Trying a druid with (1) combo and 2 naga sea witches at the mo, I saw kolento play someone using it and it intruiged me.

I think it, and dark iron skulker are sick cards, they are going to help out with ideas in new decks for those of us who think ahead for standard.

(Gaskin) #463

Crafted Nozdormu, let’s get some.