Ranked (Constructed) Discussion

(DayC) #464

New brew going well, still a bit average in the early game.

(DayC) #465

Tempo mage can suck a fat one, shit does my head in.

(Ryan Roberts) #466

You feeling OK, scouse?

(Gaskin) #467

I very rarely make my own decks, I am guilty of net decking and swapping cards. Usually my own decks are unsuccesful so I give up with them. However I was bored of the meta and decided to make a reno paladin, I’ve climbed from 7 - 2 over the past two days. Not tracked win rate or anything but I’d say I’ve maybe lost 4 games and won the rest.

(DayC) #468

That’s a proper old school tempo / control pally. I used to run one a while back before the secrets took over. Very nice mate!

(Gaskin) #469

I literally tear my hair out on ladder when facing a Reno deck so I figured it was time to try my own.

(Lethal) #470

Someone smashed my Druid with a Reno Pally last night, totally fucked me up and didn’t expect him to have a reno in the first place

(Gaskin) #471

With the right start it looks just like a secret paladin so people’s game plan changes. It’s marvellous.

(DayC) #472

Looks like the nerfs are live on NA


Patch is out for us today as well, 300mb remaining for me atm but I assume it’s the same deal as NA right now.

(DayC) #474

New wow emotes.

(Gaskin) #475

Welcome to 2 day Nerfstone where Handlock rules the world.

(Gaskin) #476

Streaming some old gods on NA atm if anyone wants to watch. http://twitch.tv/Gaskin

My collection is non existent on this region so i’m just messing about with whatever i get from free packs / gold!

(Van Slab) #477

Going for legend in wild with this shit

(DayC) #478



lol’d ^^

(Gavin Rainey) #480

Your whalecum


Not doing much ranked atm, trying to find decks that work but holy crap some of these synergies.

(DayC) #482

@Tugsy https://manacrystals.com/articles/98-og-day-2-recap-the-first-meta-deck-emerges

Miracle Rogue aint dead.

(Peter Woodberry) #483

I have PTSD from the first miracle rogue…