Ranked (Constructed) Discussion

(DayC) #484

Haha Rogue always finds a way and it’s usually a miracle of some sort :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ve changed your name, it is strange.

(Peter Woodberry) #485

I’ve used this on CS for a year and a bit but only just got round to changing it on the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m running Druid and Mage decks in Old Gods so far, C’Thun decks are sickening.


Dragon Mirracle Rogue lol!

(Gaskin) #487

I don’t know if you guys watch any of the esl prem hs i cast but it was a good chance to witness the on meta decks after 2 days. Renolock is looking strong, Zoolock too. N’zoth Paladin and Miracle Rogue… C’thun or Beast Druid.

This is the best expansion they’ve released, tons of fun. Wonder how long until it feels stale.


I tried Devine Pala but i wanted to move onto something else so I’m running N’zoth pala atm, but really enjoying the expansion - I’m looking forward to when the meta’s slightly calmed down though as C’Thun plays each deck is getting slightly tedious.

(DayC) #489

And the tempo it gets is a little bit silly. C’Thun needs to be knocked down to like a 2/2, takes a massive 2 triggers to get him to 10/10 atm.

(Gavin Rainey) #490

I only have c’thun zoo so far, i have made my own aggro shaman and beast druid, as well as dragon warrior and priest.

(DayC) #491

Dragon Warrior sounds sick i’ll have to give that a shot.

This has been patched today but very cool bug, shows that taunting a hero is actually in the game.

(Adam) #492

I’m running this at the moment, but it’s proving difficult to actually get to N’Zoth. C’Thun’s boring as hell so I’m trying to find the more interesting decks from the new set of cards.


Shadowbeast Rogue? Got both Shadowform and Auchenai Soulpriest from my Undercity Cucksters.

(DayC) #493

How is everyone doing with the ladder? Anyone found any hard counters to C’Thun decks? That thing does my head in you can be easily winning a game and it just drops and switches the game around. Takes no thought just play good stat minions on curve and trade averagely.

This is my current list i’m running: https://hearthstats.net/decks/dragonlord--290?locale=en

(Xenoscythe) #494

(-.---.) #495

Yeah, the amount of times in ladder how were I’ve had games turn against me with C’thun and Doomcaller is pretty ridiculous. Other than having the odd lucky games with warlock, I think the main way to go against C’thun decks are priest now since Entomb is so strong and with the lack of 4-attack C’thun cards (other than Blade of C’thun, but by that time it’s so late into the game at 9 mana).

I’ll have a look into that dragon priest deck later on, it’d be nice to have some fun when playing against C’thun now since ladder feels so stale to me.

(Gaskin) #496

C’thun Priest is incredibly annoying. Just seems to curve out far too well far too often.

Still think there’s a lot of development to be had and c’thun decks will slowly become less popular.

(DayC) #497

Druid has the 4/5 that gets +5 health if C’Thun has 10+ attack, that’s easily the hardest minion to get past for priest, but you’re right they are lacking and either side of that number priest can deal with.

I’ve got a few changes coming tonight, mainly a second pain to hit the early stuff and dropping Deathwing who’s just too slow imo. I really want to fit a second Northshire in, possibly a second entomb or a sylvanas.

(-.---.) #498

Oh yeah, completely forgot about that card. Crazed Alchemist/Shadow Word: Death could work against that druid card, but it’s extremely situational and might not be worth it in ladder to have. Plus the SW: Death would probably be better saving it for a Dark Arakkoa when playing against druid.

Just food for thought.

(DayC) #499

Yeah probably a little bit situational, all that can be wrapped up into an entomb or sylvanas though and they have a few more viable applications in game. Dark Arakkoa is disgusting, not particularly hard to get around with removal but with only bodies on board it becomes quite difficult.

(Randal Octagonapus) #500

How much man could a mania man if a mania could ia man

Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it…

(Gavin Rainey) #501

Having a lot of fun with this right now

(DayC) #502

Where’s Fandral lad? Seems like you’ve got a fair few cards that could make use of him there.

(DayC) #503

Here’s my insanely greedy warrior list that i’m still tweaking. Got me to 7 last night.