Ranked (Constructed) Discussion

(DayC) #504

There’s a new british pro called GeorgeC, I won’t have this. I am the only C.

(Dean) #505

He can probably win a tournament game though :wink:

(Van Slab) #506

I was playing a similar list for bit though i had a cheeky BGH and a Bloodhoof i think

Just started to learn Miracle ja

Tried playing this on all 3 servers it was harder than playing 3 different decks

(Van Slab) #507

Made a new freeze list

Going to retire it at a 50% win rate

(Adam Harwood) #508

Return of the secret Paladin?

(Gavin Rainey) #509

why the vilefin?

(Adam Harwood) #510

Play it turn one, people gear up for murloc paladin. It’s a throwoff play. And I like the murlocs better than silver hand knights :stuck_out_tongue: More for the second reason to be honest.

(Adam Harwood) #511

Also this Pirate deck has got me few friends over the past couple of days…

(Gavin Rainey) #512



Malydruid isnt so meta right now

(Gavin Rainey) #513

Just made 9 decks if anyone wants to bang


(Van Slab) #514

Yea on Sat or Sun

PGL is using a 9 deck format this weekend at DH Bucharest

Not seen any of it yet but i’m guessing its like viagames with picks and bans

(Van Slab) #515

(Gavin Rainey) #516

I smashed from 16-13 last night then lost 10 in a row, and i recorded stats 2-3 of them were complete yogg swings from them, 2 my yogg destroying me.

Went to Shaman after 20 games on tempo mage, only played 1-2, will go to Shaman only today i think.

(Lethal) #517

Yogg swings are the fucking worse, especially when you out play your opponent the entire game and use 1 card to completely change the momentum, eSports

(Gavin Rainey) #518

I think I might just play fatigue warrior, in 5 or 6 games I haven’t lost with it I think, but it will take ages to level.

(Lethal) #519

At least you’ll make some sort of progress, I might try some form of new freeze mage tonight, I’m proper inexperienced with it but I might as well learn it now ready for next season, one of the very few decks I’ve never played with

(Gavin Rainey) #520

LaughingHS is the Freeze Mage god, check him out on twitch and I think youtube.

He is the one all the pros go to.

(Lethal) #521

Yogg Control Warrior vs Control Warrior

I Yogg, draws cards and puts me in fatigue, gives me sprint and 4x more fatigue, gives me 10 mana and removes all my cards

Worst Yogg I’ve ever had

(Van Slab) #522

I’ll be going to Putin if you keep playing that version

(Gavin Rainey) #523

Said to @Lethal I would start to try and catch him up mid week, got into it last night