Rocket League

(Sam Hather) #1

Please tell me some of you fuckers play this game?

Holy shit sooooooo much fun

(Yan) #2

Very rarely do I buy Steam games that aren’t on sale but this looks so fun I couldn’t resist

(Sam Hather) #3

it’s everything i’ve ever wanted and more

(Yan) #4

Just played for a few hours. Best thing I’ve ever played

(Ryan Roberts) #5

Is it worth it? I saw a couple of vids and it looked fun… but I’m a bit on the fence.

(Gavin Rainey) #6

Briggley from my CS team insists this is a must buy

(Dean) #7

I would but it’s an indy game. By the time I’m back in the UK it’s probably dead.

(Gavin Rainey) #8

nah theyve sold like 5m copies of this shit

(Yan) #9

No way this will die. Might be an indie game, but it’s getting a lot of attention.

(Sam Hather) #10

Yeah can’t see this dying anytime soon

(Ben ) #11

Are you not in the UK now?

(Van Slab) #12

He’s on his way to Shambhala

(Ryan Roberts) #13

Played a couple of games last night, really difficult at first when you’re trying to get used to the physics and predict the bounce of the ball… once you figure it out it’s a lot of fun, score a fucking amazing half volley.

Not convinced it’s worth £15.00 though…

(Dean) #14

In Amsterdam for a few days before heading on to Brussels. Back next Tuesday.

(Peter Woodberry) #15

Considering what most companies release for £40+ its worth it.

(Sam Hather) #16

I’ve already probably played about 12 hours in the 2 days I’ve owned it. So fucking fun

(Xenoscythe) #17

I don’t even play the game and can appreciate how god-damn good this guy is.

(Ryan Roberts) #18

I’ve not even figured out how to do the boost air jump thing yet… that guys is insane.

(Sam Hather) #19

You just tilt your car and boost essentially

(Sam Hather) #20

Anyone gonna be playing this at iseries? Cba playing by myself but this game literally makes my dick tingle