(Xenoscythe) #1

Don’t think we have a topic up already for this.

Thoughts on the Ryzen series?

I just upgraded to a Ryzen build (R7 1800x) and apart from there being virtually no am4 socket cpu coolers, its been absolutely fantastic so far.

Still trying to figure out RAM timings though, motherboard supposedly supports 3200hz but I’ve not managed to get it anywhere near that stable yet. Apparently bios updates will fix that in the next few months though. Anyone have any tips?

Was a toss up between this and the 8700K but as theyre sold out until mid November I’m glad i was impatient, smoooooooth 120 fps on ultra on PUBG makes me a happy chap.

Also virtually 0 frame drops when streaming either! thankyou based 8 core 16 threads.

(Scott) #2

Having mixed feelings on my R5 1600. I didn’t do a huge upgrade, went from an i5 6400 to a R5 1600 + B350-F Strix. Unfortunately my PUBG stutters a lot now. I kept the same GPU, PSU, RAM, etc just changed the mobo and CPU but it feels worse. Framerate might’ve got slightly better, but it feels like it’s locked to 25 fps.

That was when I first swapped the CPU out. I’ve since upgraded the GPU (7970) to a 970 and it got better, but still feels stuttery when the fps drops below 80.

I’m thinking it’s my RAM. It’s only a single module DDR4 2133MHz, although overclocked to 2400MHz. Ryzen reacts more to RAM speed, so I imagine the slow RAM is causing problems with Ryzen. Whereas my Intel CPU didn’t really care about the slow RAM. Once I upgrade my RAM I’ll know for sure.


There’s currently quite a few hiccups with RAM XMP stuff atm Xeno. People aren’t hitting there main profile speed so your not alone with that. From what I’ve seen outside of all this the chips seem fantastic, lacking on overclocking range and pure clock speed in comparison to Intel who seem to be hitting 5ghz no problem on the new 8700k though the temps on that chip are stupidly high. AMD are still destroying on price point again and once programs start taking that shift to cores/threads and away from the clock speed heavy recent years then it’s going to be very interesting.

I’ll probably go Ryzen when I finally get to upgrading my 4790k

(Joss Ahluwalia) #4

I have an i7 6700 and a GTX 1080 now, but my PUBG plays disgustingly poorly - frames are completely unstable and often drop below 100 even on low settings. Is this normal or should I look into reinstalling Windows or some shit cause my CS:GO fps isn’t brilliant either (drops below 200 a lot, especially on dm).

(Gavin Rainey) #5

Is this how we say we’re shit at a game now?

Reinstall windows then benchmark from there.

I reformatted and it fixed all sorts.

(Tom Cannon) #6

Necroing this thread. Got impatient and bought a new PC because I wanted a smaller thing for lans and decided on a Ryzen. Gotta say the thing is a beast. https://imgur.com/a/MZuiG is an album of the finished build and streaming on it is nothing short of a dream.