Season 23 ESEA Review

(Thom Haas) #1

I’m going to try and do this somewhat like @Easy does his Easy Reading things that he should definitely start doing again.

I don’t really feel it necessary to go in to individual games or anything like that. Just things that are mulling around in my head with regard to my/our players on how they can improve and things I feel they have done well etc. Me and Gav have been putting together some stats for the team and its been a work in progress but finally got finished last night so I may or may not reference that later.

We ended up 9-7 which isn’t great by any stretch of the imagination but it is probably a fair review of where we were up to with regard to prac times and hours put in as a team. Most maps we had 1 day to learn strats and get some scrims, thats not really an excuse but something we shouldn’t forget. We kinda just made Andre and Krispy the new additions play were we wanted them to play which in hindsight was a bad thing to do and something we will rectify in the future. Me and @Cabbage made it difficult to practice due to working weird hours or having other work commitments that made us be away for a few days etc etc. That on my end will be rectified by Thursday. So we fucked up in game and should have done better… Oh well we live in learn.

So these are my thoughts on the players them selves:


James was statistically the worst player in the team. He either played well or played complete shit. So, consistency how does he make himself a better player or change his mental outlook in game when things don’t go his way so much? I’ve spoken to him about this with Gav and hopefully we may see something different from him in the upcoming season.

James was also the best entry fragger on the team… I don’t know how he did it but he did. So we’ve decided to try and put him in those situations more in the future lets see how we can enable James to open sites more effectively for us.

James also had the most CT opening duals on the team. Which to me tells us that he is generally in the most important spots on the map with regard to T aggression. This is something I think we can really look into and potentially change our CT set ups to either have a stronger player in a certain position or to have a complete change of CT positioning altogether.


Andre has been a revelation for us and has been our most consistent and best player so far.

The only issue I see with Andre is his communication is not the best but this is the first English speaking team he has been apart of so we cant be too cruel. So I would like to see a lot more communication coming from him in game for the foreseeable future and I want him to grow some balls and adapt to situations where it is required to pull out his broadsword dick and smash some fools.

We have a little pact to help each other out and make sure we come to each other in a months time with things we can improve on.


I’m currently on skype with him so the roast is real.

Cabbage as Gav showed him via our stats is a very consistent player but really fell off by the end of the season… There are various real life scenarios that account to this work moving, house etc etc. Which is something I found hard to deal with as in my head cabbage is the real deal and I can always rely on him to play well.

A lot of the time cabbage defeats himself by being completely worn out due to work or mentally just not there 100% when a match is ready. Then the tilt arrives and there is no coming back. A lot of you don’t realise that cabbage has the hardest tilt known to man. I’ve been in the ESEA games before we played in teams where cabbage would kill himself at the start of every round cause he hated us all within two seconds. He needs to work out where the line is, to be able to stay positive and try to win every round and I know he can do it and has the desire to do it, it just needs to be seen in practice.

Cabbage also is clutch master dick cheese. But the stats show hes our 2nd most accomplished Entry and this is something we need to start thinking about because at the minute he plays like a support player but is clearly one of the better players in the team. Again I feel a complete reshuffle of positions may benefit us in the future.

I feel cabbage also tries to be very fancy in game and when it works its beautiful but when it doesn’t I just leave him to boost himself in drop because he wants to jump onto the box backwards and fails 4 times.


We took a chance on Krispy, a chance that I championed.

Krispy is a decent lad and has Krisp aim. At first he really wanted to learn and we sat through demos to see his mistakes and learn new things etc. He gave ideas on how to improve the team also.

Then it just kinda crumbled from there slowly. He couldn’t remember smokes and panicked in certain situations. He would need telling where he was going on defaults a lot and it becomes a burden. I feel after a month me and cabbage gave up on him, that’s our fault but I think we knew the nail was in the coffin.

He would mess about in pugs and generally be more interested in the other team than what was going on in ours or what we were trying to achieve.

There is more I could go into detail with but I don’t really feel it necessary. Our stats showed him to be the worst performing player in most aspects where as James was let down by certain weaker performances.

Therefore we’ve let him go and are now looking for a new player as of now.


Finally me.

I think the stats showed that mid season I was busy with work stuff. That’s my problem and I shouldn’t have let it affect my play.

I know I need to improve and start playing CS more. I know I can be a much better player than I currently am and that will only come with time in game, which I have already promised to do.

I need to not roast the guys in game like I do. Not everyone is as strong as me or Gav mentally and that’s something I should have picked up on. But in my defence its the only way I know how to lead (rugby background - leading my team to victory with a shoulder hanging off).

Half way through I questioned whether i was good enough or if I still had the drive to play. I think I answered that with my last few performances.

How do i get better other than playing more? I don’t know no one criticises me or tells me when I do something wrong PLEASE start to do so. Anyone even @smather I’ll listen to you if youll give me something useful.

So what does the future hold?

@Cabbage is benched until he can get his internet fixed.

our old team mate is in called ‘samhughel’ he hasn’t played for a while but is a very very good player.

Sam is just standing in for Cabbage but we have broached the subject about him joining the team but me and cabbage feel it wouldn’t be fair for us to make that decision it would be up to Gav, James & Andre.

we have one final game tonight in ESL where me @Easy @Electrix @Ogre & @samhughel will play. @ManyReasoN can you stream it’s at 19:00

If we win we top the group, if not oh well we are through to playoffs anyway.

We will probably use ESL playoffs to trail players other than Sam

Current line up:




(Gavin Rainey) #2

Great read, very casual it felt like we were talking.

I am very positive in what the future holds, and once again thanks to @Kristof for everything.

(Peter Woodberry) #3

A lot of positives for you boys this season, won’t take much to get yourselves playoffs next season!

(Xenoscythe) #4

Fantastic read, shame it didn’t work out with Kristof but I’m sure it’ll end up for the better for both parties.

(Lethal) #5

Good decisions, at least no one was being immature with the problems within the team

It’ll be nice to see these improvements next season

(Sam Hather) #6

Thank you for the inclusion even if it was to call me a shitter :’(

I’d be more than happy to see if there’s anything glaringly obvious in your demos, or if you ever just need to have a chat or whatever then you know where I am, brother.

I’m looking at improving my CS from now on, i’ve been learning smokes and using the prefire maps etc. I’m gonna start running ESEA matches everyday to get better too, as a lot of the time I feel it’s just pure stupidity and not knowing maps that lets me down.

Enough about this fat fuck and more about the team anyway:

You guys seem to have done very well considering the various issues that you’ve mentioned with work getting in the way and stuff. I guess going forward you’ve all just got to make sure that you can make as much time as possible available for CS.

Excited to see what you guys can do going forward.