Selling skins

(Hamzah) #1

skins have little to no value to me anymore and i’d like some extra cash so i’m parting ways with the heavier part of my inventory. no keys, no trades, lowball = neg rep and block and obligatory steam comment, just paypal

M9 Bayonet Doppler P3 FN - b/o £190

AK Fire Serpent FT (looks MW pretty much) - b/o £105

prices somewhat negotiable depending on demand

(Ben ) #2

“lowball = neg rep and block and obligatory steam comment”
Lovely community spirit right there do your worse… I offer 10p.

(Lethal) #3

I’ll give you a private wank from my dead nan and a 10 deck of fags for the doppler.

(Hamzah) #4

omg low ball noob blocked neg repped have a nice day men jjajaja

@Lethal pretty strong offer, if she lets me have a go on her tits ill throw in the fire serpent