SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell

(Sam Connolly) #22

Just picked this up, fantastic game! It’s like Trials all over again :smiley:

(DayC) #23

Yes boys

(Tom Cannon) #24

I’m coming for you David. Once I actually get some sleep you are going down.

(Sam Connolly) #25

Photographic evidence that DayC is 3ms better than you at everything in life, don’t let him get away with it, sleep is for the weak, stay up and break it!

(Tom Cannon) #26

I have literally spent about 6 hours trying to beat Day’s time today. I have about 8000 attempts alone on that level now and I just can’t beat it…

(Sam Connolly) #27

Keep trying.


(Gavin Rainey) #28

gonna knock out a video of our replays, any cool strats you have on levels you want me to show off?

(DayC) #29

Level 27 - How to post an extraordinary time with an incredibly average looking run by DayC

In all seriousness though the strats still seem to be being developed, gate bouncing (as I call it) is pretty cool, @Lethal has posted up a seriously quick time on level 2 that uses this I think.

There’s also a level on floor 3 I think that requires you to bounce around a column in roughly 8 seconds. One person who we think is botting now holds the top spot by super jumping from set of spikes at the start location over the cage and into the portal in about 5 seconds. If someone can figure out how to replicate it we can add it as a tutorial @Veasu knows which level i’m talking about but i’ll find it tonight.

(Gavin Rainey) #30

Maybe we can talk about tutorials for glitches, me and @Rod can do the clip on Satan and some other levels too.

What kind of bot is he using you think?

Also have any of you managed to do the bounce boost and clip the edge to get to the top platform on level 4? You have a few frames to hit jump as you land on the booster, then clip the ledge above and it will boost you more to go up to the top.

(Lethal) #31

I would improve my times but I haven’t even completed floor 1 yet, proper slacking but I’ll crack on with the other levels at some point.

(DayC) #32

Sounds good man, let me know when you’re free.

Unsure, some of his runs look natural but this one is a pixel perfect jump, literally looks like only a bot could hit it.

I think I did, check out my time on the friends leaderboard, if it’s the level i’m thinking of I think i’m sat at 13 in the world on it atm.

(Max Schneider) #33

If you are talking about Level 24 ‘Babel’, I don’t think he’s botting.

That guys seems to be very active on the SEUM Discord and posted about a clipping bug he found on another map, after looking for a use for it, he found it there.
If you look through the Glitches Section on the Discord you might find it. He even explains how it’s done.

(Gavin Rainey) #34

Who is it Baka? MrGentle?

(Max Schneider) #35

Yes. The other guy with a little worse time must be someone who did it recently. MrGentle actually has a video of the original bug as well

[12:00 AM] MrGentle: for babel, you gotta do a scroll jump, and look slightly to the left of the platform, then hold forward, look slightly to the right as you’re outside the platform, so that you hit an invisible ledge under the platform

(Gavin Rainey) #36

yeah he is a top top player

(Max Schneider) #37

Yeah he’s incredible.

OT/ I’m really liking the game more now, gonna probably go tryhard on this one, and get to know all the glitches (really fucking hate the platform clipping tho).

(Gavin Rainey) #38

how do u doit?

do u just hit it or do u havbe to jump or press a direction?

(DayC) #39

Good to hear he’s just a beast, I need to get on that discord didn’t realise there was one!

(Gavin Rainey) #40

link is in op la

(DayC) #41

I was too busy playing to realise :stuck_out_tongue: must have skipped over it

This was what I was talking about, crazy bounce.