Share your pack openings!

(Anthony) #1

Share your pack openings here.

Show off your legendary, epic and rare cards. Or maybe you’re so lucky you just get two wisps in your pack and a rare you don’t need :wink:

Do you have any sort of ritual when you open packs? Do you have to wait between cards? Or reveal them in a specific order?

The easiest way to share your packs is to use software that grabs an area of your screen and uploads it straight to the internet, such as Gyazo, VVCap or TinyGrab
(personally Gyazo is my favourite so I use that)

Alternatively, if you press the printscreen key in game, it will send a screenshot to your desktop, then you can crop it and upload it using an image hosting website such as imgur or minus

(Anthony) #2

(Anthony) #3

(Randal Octagonapus) #4

Just did a 10 win Druid arena and got this in the reward pack… My first gold legendary! Got Edwin Van Cleef for my last big arena win too.

Apparently high arena win reward packs don’t give you a higher chance of getting good cards but I honestly don’t believe it.

(Anthony) #5

Very very nice!

I got a bunch of average pack openings…

(Gazza) #6

(Anthony) #7

(Anthony) #8

(Anthony) #9

Got my first golden :slight_smile:

(Anthony) #10

(Scott Miles) #11

Pretty decent for two packs.

(Anthony) #12

(Nick) #13

I guess this is quite nice for a random pack

(Anthony) #14

(Joe Littleworth) #15

Nice pack Ant, not sure where you would ever use Greenskin but always feels good to get a legendary.

(Randal Octagonapus) #16

Saw a few pirate decks at rank 2/3ish last season surprisingly, I never lost to one but it was weird playing against.

(Zio) #17

Just opened Edwin Van Cleef. Now if only I played Rogue! Wish you could trade, ha.

(THEPete) #18

:smiley: almost got myself a nice Paladin Murloc deck crafted :slight_smile:

(Scott Miles) #19

(Anthony) #20