Share your pack openings!

(Ben ) #21

(Matt) #22

(Ben ) #23

Forgot to screenshot cause of the excitment haha but yesterday I opened 5 packs and got a total of 3 legendries. Bloodmage Thalon, Baron and Illidan.!

(Ben ) #24

(Randal Octagonapus) #25

That’s the best I’ve seen I think, tops my double legendary doesn’t it?

(Dean) #26

Yeah golden rares are rarer than a legendary alone. Only Smidsy could manage to get that AND a golden legendary in the same pack…

(Lee) #27

Cracking pack from an arena reward!

(Xenoscythe) #28

Arena run netted me golden Geddon today, free 1600 dust!

(THEPete) #29

Consecutive pack openings LOL

(DayC) #30

Dem golds :0

(Luka) #31

that actually sucks if you didnt have those legendaries (except nozdormu that card sucks) already cause now you dont get free dust

(THEPete) #32

I have never been lucky with legendaries in packs :frowning:

(Luka) #33

i got a golden nat pagle and a golden tinkmaster after they were nerfed literally haven’t had to open packs since then except to craft harrison

(Zio) #34

Explain how it sucks? You get to play Golden Legendaries instead of normals. It’s awesome!

(Luka) #35

because if it was a golden shit legendary like millhouse or nat pagle you basically get a regular legendary of your choice

also golden cards are for roleplayers and im not a roleplayer

(Zio) #36

You could disenchant the gold version and make the normal version with the dust, if you’re so inclined.

(Luka) #37

yeah no ones gonna do that thats why it sucks

(Gavin Rainey) #38


roleplaying tryhard

whats worse

being a roleplayer or going out of your way (aka trying hard) to not be a roleplayer?

(Matt) #39

I don’t really get what roleplayer means in this context.

(Gavin Rainey) #40

Forsen says it a lot in his stream

he has a very toxic humour and pulls it off well.

I interpreted it like a tryhard with a gold hero and all gold cards.

Amaz is a roleplayer, in his words “If it has lore, sign me up”