Share your pack openings!

(Van Slab) #61

(Nick) #62

Golden Wisp is so nice

(Zio) #63

The dream is a golden Dark Wispers so you can have 5 golden Wisps on the board at once :open_mouth:

(Zio) #64

:open_mouth: = gayest smilie

(DayC) #65

The dream can be achieved from tomorrow onwards, looking forward to this!

(Ben ) #66

Got 1 pack from a 3 win arena and got this :smiley:

(DayC) #67

Shop is currently down on all servers, if you didn’t know though along with the free arena run upon release you get 3 free packs from blizzard. Free packs havn’t been given to EU yet.

Here are my 3 free packs on NA:

Apparently whirling zap-o-matics are my favourite card…

(DayC) #68

These posted to reddit lel

(Ben ) #69

My 3 free packs gave me this haha

(DayC) #70

Chugga chugga chugga!

My first 5 packs:

(Gavin Rainey) #71

Floating Watcher is immense

(DayC) #72

60 packs tonight boys will chuck it on the stream.

(DayC) #73

Packs cracked really good value:

(Van Slab) #74

(Anthony) #75

(Peter Woodberry) #76

Rage quit an arena because I had literally the worst picks in the galaxy and was rewarded with this;

(Adam) #77

Brought the wrong packs like a mong the second time around


(DayC) #78

Best mistaken pack open ever!

(Gavin Rainey) #79

I got gold Gazlowe last night

instantly turned into Dr. Boom tyvm

(Gaskin) #80

First golden legendary in a pack.