Share your pack openings!

(Gavin Rainey) #81

REALLY good card too @Gaskin

What decks do you use? I saw you using cancer mage. Want to play me tonight?

(Gaskin) #82

Can do man, in a gfinity tournament again tonight. When you watched yest I was using the mage. lost that series 3-2.

Tonight im running MechMage, Combo Druid, ZooLock with Blood Knight and Control Paladin

(DayC) #83

What legends do you have @Gaskin ?

(Gaskin) #84

Antonidas, Tirion, Jaraxxus, Harrison Jones, Leeroy Jenkins, Sylvanas, Black Knight, Dr.Boom, Sneed. + all the Naxx ones

(DayC) #85

Christ much better quality collection than me, would advise d/e trogg for a more useful common legend like Ragnaros, Ysera, Alexstrasza, Bloodmage Thalnos or Cairne Bloodhoof. Ysera and Thalnos are dropping out of favor now though, still very good but Rag and Alex have immediate board effects with Cairne being very hard to kill. As for class legends, Vol’Jin is great in priest, Grommash is an absolute powerhouse and warrior can’t really win without him. Both Al’Akir and Cenarius find regular homes in their respective class decks too.

(Ben ) #86

I need to try out these Gfinity tournaments!

(DayC) #87

Beware they’re not perfect, but lots of good players in them and the spaces fill up quickly so you wont be short of competition!

(Ben ) #88

I want victims not competition!

(Gaskin) #89

I disenchanted trogg for Tirion. Also got rid of Voljin toward Black Knight. As Priest seems to be really out of the meta right now.

@Smidsy Gfinity tournaments are good competition but can be a lot of waiting around for games to finish.

(Gaskin) #90

Really wanted Neptulon to make a Shaman deck. So I thought I’d open some packs with the gold I’d been saving for BRM.

Gaskin luck is real. Nerd cheer is also real.

Then last night my missus wanted to open a pack. Let her and she opens Flame Leviathon, thought may as well try another pack for luck and she opens golden Gazlowe.

(Anthony) #91

(Van Slab) #92

bestial wrath hyperino

(Van Slab) #93

For anyone that missed my stream earlier this is what i got


TGT openings…

(Ben ) #95

Got this from my season chest. Are they always all gold?


Yea it looks like they are man.

(Ryan Roberts) #97

Yeah, I got a golden as well after my mediocre performance this season.

Got the new Warrior Legendary in gold as well in my pack openings, can’t remember what he’s called.

(Gavin Rainey) #98

(DayC) #99

The mighty Millhouse Manastorm!

(DayC) #101