Share your pack openings!

(Luke) #102

I’ve been trying to get Ancient Lore for ages now. Congratz.
One legendary and two rares?!? Jammy!

(DayC) #103

A legend, two epics (1 golden) and a rare lad! Properly used the entire pot of luck on this one i’ll probably never win another match in my life now :stuck_out_tongue:

(DayC) #104

I think this is my first golden legendary ever.

(Van Slab) #105

Oh shit I’m sorry forgot to cap my golden tinkmaster at lan

(Van Slab) #106

Not bad

(DayC) #107

Get those rope timers going lad

(Van Slab) #108


(Van Slab) #110

@Retroid yer m8 got this on NA


That’s so messed up considering how much you were saying you wanted DarkPagle.

(Gaskin) #112

(Adam) #113

58 packs, 3 Legendaries

(DayC) #114


(DayC) #115

63 packs and only 2 legends so far, Rag and Mukla. Will open more tonight.

(Gavin Rainey) #116

I got the same one mana legendary as gaskin too

(Lethal) #117

(Gavin Rainey) #118


(DayC) #119

Jesus @Lethal where’s my luck?!

(Lethal) #120

@DayC Never get any luck opening cases or packs until now haha

(DayC) #121

You opening anymore or will this do you for now? Would be good to test the pity timer see if you just get a string of 1 rare and commons or whether you keep the streak going!

(Lethal) #122

@DayC I’ll be opening 6 more in a bit