Show us your guns!

(Josh) #111

Nice, I had one of those for a while deffo the best Huntsman skin by far!

(Paul Corkin) #112

My best skins is AK Jet Set FT :frowning: I love it though.


Idd, had a Case Hardened and Vanilla now, easily the best skin out for it.

(Josh) #114

Currently sporting this:

cba to boot CS for an inventory shot, its the name tag that makes it special lol.


I’ve seen in game recently :wink:

(Josh) #116

Probably when I have been getting raped, not playing well atm lol.

(Paul Corkin) #117

IS galil sandstorm only worth ££ if 90% purple, what about 90% white/cream?

(Sam Hather) #118

Look at you fancy lot, only got an ak blue laminate statrak lol

(Peter Woodberry) #119

Galil sandstorms are still worth fuck all regardless if they’re full of whatever colour because they’re still a blue skin.

@Smather I have one that I opened in a case when they came out, its FT has a sticker on it worth more than the gun itself and like 12k kills. Basically my firstborn. No shame!

(Sam Hather) #120

Yeah this is mine haha

(Gavin Rainey) #121

You can get like 2 or 3 keys for a full purple if you go to the globaloffensivetrade reddit

(Xenoscythe) #122

I have a galil thats pretty much purple, been offered all sorts for it including keys, kept it though cos they’re fairly rare and i like it :smiley:

(Paul Corkin) #123

Mines like this only other color. I like mine was just curious more so.

(Ben ) #124

Unboxed this fucker tonight :wink: Factory new. @Freebird

(Peter Woodberry) #125

I fucking hate you.


Not as sexy as it once was my inv, but I may have gone ST mad in the last few days ^^ (All FN bar the Scout and Famas)


Just opened this:

FN too, which is nice :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just opened 10 more cases and got this:

I’m going to stop now whilst I’m on top :stuck_out_tongue:

(Peter Woodberry) #128

Lucky bastard!


I’ve spent ~£100 on cases and never got anything noteworthy until yesterday :stuck_out_tongue: I think I might have just broke even >.>

(Rob Thomas) #130

Sold my Blue Lam and bought this: