Show us your guns!

(Anthony) #22

Nothing special here really. The two desert eagle skins I have are my favourites.

(Blake) #23

Here are some new ones, cheap and cheerful I’d say.

(Gavin Rainey) #24

Nah blake theyre good guns to begin with m8, you got the m4 and the AK which is what you will use most when you’re training

(Blake) #25

Yeah man! I actually quite like the dark water for the m4

Have already spent about 20 quid though, mostly on boxes '-.- Think i’ll just buy skins i want lol

(C**t ) #26

So much this, to anyone starting out, DON’T OPEN CASES!!! it works for a few (GAV), but most people will say how down they are on case luck(Josh). See the skins you want, wait for a low priced good looking one (click on the individual picture and inspect in game, as even weapons of the same condition have different amounts of wear) and buy it. If you are starting out you only need: M4, AK, AWP, Glock, USP/P2K, as they are the main/ only guns you should be using.

(Blake) #27

I’ve figured that out now haha… I had a look online and found that everyone says it’s pretty unlikely to get nice skins in cases.

Glock is next on the list for a skin

(Ben ) #28

Im pretty much up i got my 3rd knife in a case the other day. One of those knifes I sold for £200, also had a stat trak asmiov m4. I seem to be doing quite well on the case front.

(Josh) #29

What rank are you out of interest? I know it sounds cuntish, but Tweday seems to think that better case drops happen for lower ranks.

I am done with cases, spent far too much money for pretty much fuck all.

(Gavin Rainey) #30

@Freebird same rank as me, MG1

(Webb) #31

A friend of mine was GN4 and in about a week of opening cases, he got about £290 of gear, Brutality will back me up.

I cant remember exactly what he got but it was a knife, an m4 skin, an awp skin and Deag skin, the awp and deag were stattrack

(Josh) #32

I think I was probably single AK when I got my minimal wear fire serpent, that is the best thing I have ever got in a case by far. 99% of everything else is some shite blue level skin. I have been sodomised by Valve lol.

(Gavin Rainey) #33

(y) #34

Uploading a screenshot of my inventory would be a waste of internetspace.
I have 2 cases and a scratched 57 skin. Have about 15 hours logged, probably half of it from afking in the lobby.
Maybe I can participate here soon

Edit: Found a Candy Apple Glock skin today. Pretty neat

(C**t ) #35

(y) #36

.#occupydoubledoors #wearethe99%
But for realsies. That Splash Jam and Usp-S Overgrowth are they factory new? Oh lawdy
So jelly lol. If I tell myself youre just rich I can live with it though :stuck_out_tongue:

(Gavin Rainey) #37

Scaled down my inventory after having a lot, only really use the USP/Deagle/M4 and AK.

Although I will AWP when @Noodle sends me that stattrak hive!

(Ben ) #38

Sith got some nice skins going off there. Drops? If not how much would you say you spent in total on keys? Ive probably spent about 150 on keys, not including money i got back from selling items. I want a stat asimov awp next though!

(Gavin Rainey) #39

Im in 2 minds about going back to the M4A4 for a while, anyone want to borrow my MW Stat Guardian for a while for a M4A4?

(Josh) #40

Sith doesn’t do cases or keys FYI…some serious droppage of dolla up in that bitch lol.

I just keep losing my inventory to bets lol.

(C**t ) #41

He is correct, cases came out when I got DMG and I didn’t ever get anything good, so i just buy what I want and open a case or 2 on occasion.