Show us your guns!

(Josh) #42

Wish I took that approach…oops I appear to be down on money lol

(C**t ) #43

Never forget £46, always remember.

(Josh) #44

Indeed, that was just the one go time…plenty of more times of £4-10 here and there to get my arse hole widened :frowning:

(Anthony) #45

So if I have a load of useless blue skins like Negev and M249 and some blue skins for guns I already have a skin for, is it worth doing a trade up contract? How exactly does it work?

(Josh) #46

Yeah might as well, you will basically get a skin of the next rarity up. Most likely from the collection which you have most skins within that trade up contract.

(Anthony) #47

Just got this in a case

(Anthony) #48

Just got this in a trade-up, field-tested

(Van Slab) #49

(Gavin Rainey) #50

AHAHAHAH @The_Dice_man

(C**t ) #51

(Ben ) #52

Haha fuck off. What wear?

(C**t ) #53

FT looks MW/FN

(Josh) #54

Enter tron

(Gavin Rainey) #55

It does look fucking immaculate

In other news, I got a FT Howl, and a MW Orion now but am at work so no print screen.

(C**t ) #56

(Paul Corkin) #57

Does spending £££ make you play better? Kappa

(C**t ) #58

2500hrs helps more.

(Josh) #59

Maybe if you had actually played 2.5k yeah lmfao

(C**t ) #60

62 hours to go.

(y) #61

Rich and loads of free time. I wanna have a job like this as well :smiley: