SSRCG CS:GO Mix Server and Community nights!

(Hamzah) #181

yea was just saying cos i’ve brought some proper animals in before

cool, mm/pugs get boring after a while so some 10 mans would be fun

(Rob Thomas) #182

I’ll be up for some games whenever. Been meaning to start playing again.

(Matt) #183

I don’t work shit hours now and am happy to play

(Xenoscythe) #184


Body is invalid; try to be a little more descriptive - okay apparently my body is apparently not ready

(Hamzah) #185

mix tonight?

(Gavin Rainey) #186

The best way is to organise one a few days in advance

(Matt) #187

Mix tonight or Sunday at 7pm?

(Gavin Rainey) #188

Im in for tonight, 8pm?

(Matt) #189


(Gavin Rainey) #190

infact pull me out i dont have time this evening, sunday evening would be better

my dad gets in at 7am tomorrow

(Xenoscythe) #191

count me in sunday!

(Hamzah) #192

can do tonight and sunday

(Hamzah) #193

this still happening? if so who is confirmed/what time?

(Matt) #194

As far as i’m aware yes, we’re going to aim for 7ish I think

(Hamzah) #195

safe i’ll be around about 7:15

(Matt) #196

Yeh i’m gonna be on at half 7

(Matt) #197

Ok change of plans, going to push it back to 8 and if we don’t have 10 in the TS at least we’re gonna call it.

(Hamzah) #198

alright i’ll try bring along 1/2 familiar faces

(Matt) #199

Another change of plan, the server isn’t up to date and Gav isn’t about to update it.

(Hamzah) #200

i got a server which is updated, but idk how many people are around so ye