SSRCG CS:GO Mix Server and Community nights!

(Sam Hather) #61

Pretty sure you saw my no scopes

(C**t ) #62

Thanks for the games guys, was fun, need to do it again soon.

(Matt) #63

GGs my friends. So much more fun than eastern Europeans shouting in my ear.

(Gavin Rainey) #64

Mix tonight lads?

Whos keen?

Or another night this week?

(Van Slab) #65

Can play tonight

(Rob Thomas) #66

I can play if you need someone.

(Adam Mackenzie) #67

I can play tonight from 9 onwards

(Hamzah) #68

I’m down, can I bring Wharrier as well? He’s just getting into CS

(Gavin Rainey) #69

9pm assemble on TS? everyone is welcome

(Sam) #70

i shall be on

(Liam Dakin) #71

Won’t be on for a week or so, moving house :frowning:
…THEN cs is go!

(Rob Thomas) #72

And he was never invited again.

(Gavin Rainey) #73

Shame it fell apart last night the teams felt a bit better when smids came in. What night this week is good for a mg1 and below mix?

(Spankpaddle) #74

My bad, it was already 2230 by the time you lot started to get organized and I have a 5am maintenance tomorrow so said fuck it.

Should be on tonight however because said maintenance was changed to 9am

(Hamzah) #75

would be down to play a normal mix again tonight if the mg1 or below one isn’t happening (tonight)

(Sam) #76

@Easy want to apologise for last night.
thought i had left !

Im in for it again but will leave officially next time

(Sam Hather) #77

what happened? lol

(Rob Thomas) #78

Sam Raebz happened.

(Peter Woodberry) #79

Sunday 26/04/2015 Mix @20:00

  1. WoodchucK
  2. Karneasy
  3. Frosty
  4. Smidsy
  5. Phlux
  6. TannerRob
  7. Xeno


  1. Bagelzend
  2. Raebz

2 slots for people to spectate too if you want to watch!

Maps - Cache, Overpass, Mirage

(Matt) #80

I might play, will spec if it’s filled