SSRCG CS:GO Mix Server and Community nights!

(Xenoscythe) #81

Can dooo

(Ben ) #82

I’m down if needed

(Matt) #83

(Xenoscythe) #84

p90 to global

(Peter Woodberry) #85

ILLICIT so good.


Also when I say high skill I really mean people that have played long enough to know all the maps and how the game works. For the sake of a competitive mix :slight_smile:

(Matt) #86

I was joking haha.

(Peter Woodberry) #87

I know you were but was just clearing up for people that might read it and think they aren’t 1337.


I’m up for mixes on Sunday mate, I won’t be home until about 20:30 however so if you’ve got it all filled then pop me in as spec

(Xenoscythe) #89

Crap, i lied. An alcohol fuelled event has come up you’ll have to strike me off the list :frowning:

(Rob Thomas) #90

Hmm… this doesn’t make sense.

(Peter Woodberry) #91

Why dont you play and help the less fortunate improve oh mighty Rob Thomas :wink:

(Rob Thomas) #92

You know, I can do.

I’ve already schooled two of your team mates, I’m sure I can do it to you as well.

(Hamzah) #93

i can play, LE mm xDDDDDDDD

(Peter Woodberry) #94

I know man, do you actually wanna play or are you gonna chiken out?

(Rob Thomas) #95

Yeah I’ll play, got nothing else planned.

(Peter Woodberry) #96

Gonna open this up to everyone, we’ll sort fair teams.

People that are playing post the 3 maps you want to play and we’ll tally the scores and play the top 3.

  1. Cache
  2. Cobblestone
  3. Dust 2

(Xenoscythe) #97

Count me back in again! Went out last night instead :smiley:

Inferno, Overpass, Train

(Rob Thomas) #98
  1. Mirage
  2. Cache
  3. Inferno

(Matt) #99


(Gavin Rainey) #100