SSRCG CS:GO Mix Server and Community nights!

(Peter Woodberry) #101

7/8 so far need a few more lads!

(Ben ) #102

Might not be back in time but i shall try. Going to look at a new car.

(Peter Woodberry) #103

Keep us updated mate.

(Sam) #104

count me as reserve

(Rob Thomas) #105

Please no.

(Hamzah) #106


(Hamzah) #107

also I might be on slightly later than 8 (around about 8:15) if that’s alright, sorry for inconveniencing you boys

(Ben ) #108

I’ll be on

(Xenoscythe) #109

Leaving a fun mix because of a map is pathetic.

GGs for the triple OT map everyone else.

(Matt) #110

The map doesn’t make it a fun mix for me so…

Not impossible to change the map.

(Rob Thomas) #111

While it might be kinda true, there’s plenty of other maps we could have played if someone didn’t want to play a map.

At least 3 of us didn’t want to play Overpass, it was just Matt that left.

Either way gg everyone, I played like shit.

(Xenoscythe) #112

Its between friends who gives a fuck, we hadn’t even chosen a map yet, we were changing it to cache.

Just sad, you wonder why you don’t get a team when you go off like that.

(Xenoscythe) #113

Nobody said anything!

(Matt) #114

You were going to change it to cache but didn’t tell me? I would have quite happily come back. It doesn’t matter that it’s between friends I’m not going to sit for an hour and have a shit time…

I haven’t got a team because I’m putting no effort in, I had someone ask me to trial today and I told him no because I was mixing.

(Xenoscythe) #115

You didn’t exactly give us a chance? Can’t believe youre still being a baby over that map after how much its changed.

What do you intend on doing when you join a team? Throw a paddy everytime overpass gets chosen?

(Rob Thomas) #116

I lagged out and when I joined back everything had gone off. We were also asked to nominate maps in this thread and Cache was asked for a lot more than Overpass, so why wasn’t it just changed to that straight away? I understand that you said you were about to change it, but I’ve talked to you lot enough to guess you most likely changed it to Overpass just to wind Matt up.

(Xenoscythe) #117

Indeed, not blaming you at all. Like I said, the plan was to change it to cache anyway, gav being gav changed it to overpass.

(Ben ) #118

Also pete counted up the votes beforehand and the 3 maps were mirage,cache and overpass so either way you were going to play it.

(Matt) #119

Like we’ve both said, it was meant to be a fun mix I didn’t have to play anything. What Rob has posted is 90% likely to be true. I played it with Gav and happily sat through it and would do if it was any other environment. It’s map I need to practice and I’ve face that but a fun mix is not really the place I want to do it. You have me on steam, skype, my phone number and the ability to move channels on TS and no one contacted me to say the map was changing, not my fault.

The map was picked to wind me up and it worked, congrats.

@Smidsy I was never going to play the map tonight, you can ask Scott or Rob, I said I’d peace out if it actually came on.

(Ben ) #120

The maps had already been chosen though,so at some point overpass was going to come up… So not really done to wind you up because whether it came as 2nd map or 3rd. It was still on its way