SSRCG FGC Wednesdays

(Peter Woodberry) #1

A friend of mine that plays Street Fighter is coming round tomorrow to play some and we usually stream it so I had a sick idea of turning it into a weekly thing where I get someone/people round my house or over the internet to play a fighting game and talk about the FGC in the UK and the world.

Obviously this week is going to be SSF4:AE 2012 with my friend and we’re just going to jump into some online on the PC and play/chat with people.

You can tune in on the SSRCG twitch, trying to start it at 6PM (GMT) -

I imagine for the first few weeks it will be just Street Fighter because I don’t have the equipment to stream any fighters on the 360 like UMVC3. But if anyone knows any fighters on PC that can be easily acquired hit me up and we’ll sort something out.

(Gavin Rainey) #2

did you get the fighting humble bundle? We should do all sorts on it…

(Peter Woodberry) #3

No I didn’t, link me on skype or something.

(Gavin Rainey) #4

Has expired, it has Guilty Gear for $1

(Rob Thomas) #5

Needs more KoF.

That’s a mans game.

(Van Slab) #6

Yes mate i’ll jump on

(Adam) #7

This makes me so sad, was getting hype for Marvel the whole time I was reading this.

I’m up for Skullgirls or BlazBlue whenever, if you’re looking for different games to play.