SSRCG Playbook

(Xenoscythe) #11

I’m so far behind with my web design since getting this job.

I wish i could do jquery wizardry to make interactive diagrams like that site does cos I could show you the world.

I’ve got a million and one strats and smokes and flashes for both team and soloqmm which i’ll slowly put on here.

(Xenoscythe) #12

I prefer your plant over the “tactical” one in soloq purely because you don’t have to move afterwards and can either watch tunnels and listen door/window or smoke tunnel and watch door & listen window with minimal chance of being flashed by any of the big 3 pop-flashes. Plus - nobody that comes in through window checks down and to the immediate left. Best 1vX clutch position.

(Rob Thomas) #13

I’ve been using a strat on T side pistol rounds that seems to have a high w/r.


Buy dualies > Bait team mates > Ace the other team.

There’s a few points where it can go wrong, but it generally works quite well.

(Ben ) #14

In 1 1vx then sure but I thought the guide talked about best place to plant if there are a few on site.

(Matt) #15

Eco till Negev

(Lethal) #16

Militia free running jump video.

(Dean) #17

Why has this comment not been deleted but mine was!

(Gavin Rainey) #18

I removed yours, to keep it clean, and more and more came in and i undeleted yours

(Matt) #19

I sent gav a spreadsheet showing how it’s the best strat

(Ben ) #20

Does it involve strafe/rocket jumping?

(Matt) #21

I mention it on the third tab.

(Gavin Rainey) #22

Some general tips for gameplay too:

When you die, call where you died or who shot you, and hp remaining. Don’t go for the NA calls "OMG WTF HES LIT"I know its hard not to.

If someone is in a 1vX, and you see something they don’t, either type it, or say the location once. I am just getting out of the habit of saying “You saw him”

Don’t ever call, behind you. ever. ever.

Call flashbangs BEFORE you throw them, not in mid air.

Basically, keep it concise, if you wanna rage, dont press your PTS button.

Call what you are holding if you are on a site with someone, ask what your teammates are holding. Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups.

(Dean) #23


(DayC) #24

Detailed call outs traverses games, it’s a hard thing to learn and teach to anyone that hasn’t competed consistently before but it was one of the few things I was able to bring (along with positioning) from the Halo days with me. I think a key to success in this game is to accept you won’t stay alive 100% of the time so you have to increase your usefulness once dead to improve your chances of success in the round as a whole.

(Sam Connolly) #25

So one thing I’ve noticed is in 1v1 HS only, I’m doing pretty well. I win about 70% of my rounds (roughly). In aim training with static targets, a duration of about 0.5s and a delay of 0.25s I get about 75 / 100. But when it comes down to actually being in a competitive game, I will lose trades the majority of the time. Do you guys actively have to force yourselves to take your time with your shots?

I’m honestly not sure if it’s a case of I’m not taking my time with lining up my shots while I’m under pressure (through fear of getting murdered while trying to line up my crosshair), or I’m just peaking at stupid times, or even both.

(Xenoscythe) #26

I’d definitely say it comes down to situation pressure and trying to overthink things.

An example would be terrorist inferno mid.

Do you face arch or short? Will the guy push the smoke behind you and kill you? Is anyone watching for the banana push? Whats happening on my radar?

All these things add time to your reactions in these situations which you don’t have to think about in 1v1 servers.

As a general tip if you find you’re losing aim duels, try to play more around your movement than your reactions and aiming, put your xhair at head height and use your movement keys (a & d) to put your xhair close to where the enemy will be rather than playing entirely reaction based.

What sort of situations do you lose these aim duels? Can it be fixed via grenades? Are you perhaps pressing w too much?

Also what level of play are we talking, as generally the higher you get the more predictable people become position-wise so pre-firing becomes more effective.

(Gavin Rainey) #27

On top of what Xeno says you need to get your confidence up. the issue with aim maps and training maps is they don’t introduce movement, positioning and peekers advantage nearly as much as real competitive games.

I play primarily as an entry fragger, and I spent a lot of time, funnily enough with Xeno and others learning how to enter sites. You should try to set up your game so that you take the enemies out of your comfort zone. Never try to work on reflex and aim.

An example is entering A ramp on mirage as a T.

We have one player in palace, he waits with flashes.

One player from T spawn smokes CT, one conn/jungle, one stairs.

When the smokes pop the guy in apps flashes twice, on the second flash I run out, and clear shadow (under the balcony) while smidsy/cat/whoever watches triple stack.

What we did there was block any supporting players off, and put them out of position with smokes and flashes which reduces the amount of things you have to do in an aim battle.

To work on Xenos point in mid. If you want to peek mid as T on inferno, pick a side. Communicate to your teammates, I want to go short. Once you have your side picked, take away the other side, use smokes, flashes and coordinate it so you are going and the only thing you have to do is take care of the guy now. You have reduced every other factor and turned it into an aim duel on your 1v1 hs server. If you know where he is already, you have that on him also.

The Cloud9 player has some sick videos on crosshair placement, as well as former iBP player Steel having a tremendous amount of info on how the mechanics of CS:GO work.

tl;dr - an aim duel isnt just an aim duel in a comp match, push your enemies into a position where you have complete advantage.

(Sam Connolly) #28

That’s a good point there definitely is a lot more going on than in a 1v1.

I’ll try giving the movement tip a go tonight, I’m a little inconsistent at the moment because I’ve just dropped my sensitivity from 1800 to about 700, so maybe using movement keys to help with the cursor is a good call. I imagine that also makes it harder for them to line up their cursor with you (unless they use the same techniques).

Most the times I lose trades are when I’m watching a corner on CT side. I think I’m getting distracted glancing at the minimap, and not noticing people walk around corners as quickly as I should. If I know where a person is likely to be stood when I’m T, I’m usually pretty confident at peeking and winning a trade. For example, on Dust 2 on T side if they watch A long doors from corner - I will flash and prefire that corner, and it paid off quite a few times yesterday. I think I would say I lose most aim duels while watching a corner on CT.

I’m MG2 at the high end of MG2 (promoted to MGE yesterday then lost it again the next game) - so mostly play against MG1’s, MG2’s and MGE’s.

(Gavin Rainey) #29

Keep moving on CT, dont uncle mark hardscope, see video here:

(Sam Connolly) #30

Okay cool, I think learning how to enter sites is definitely a good thing for us to do, I’ll have a word with the lads I usually play with tonight and look into more smokes and where to push after areas are smoked.

We have tried that same tactic on mirage, but without anyone in palace flashing, and it’s worked for us while we get control of the site, but then we struggle with holding it. Partially because we don’t have any more smokes to gain any more cover - but I don’t think we tried it more than about 2 times, might just be we played like shit in those rounds.

I’ll try and hunt down that video once I’m done with work.

Cheers guys :slight_smile: