SSRCG Team Speak

(Matt) #1

We’ve moved across to Team Speak. The details can be found below. If it goes as planned mumble will remain up for short period of time but should be unusable for that period so that those who don’t check the forum can get the details.



**** (Props to Brad/Zigenzag)

There are three user groups::

Member - Ability to create temporary rooms
Trusted - Same as above with ability to kick/ban, move people and set people as members (I think)
Admin - God Tier

We’ve made a decision to not have a metric fuck tonne of channels, instead if there isn’t a channel available in the game you need to be in you can right click the main channels title and create a sub-channel, ensure that it’s left on temporary and you’ll have your own room that will automatically be removed when everyone in it has left, keeping the Team Speak nice and tidy.

Teams rooms are an option but will only be on offer for actual teams, if you want a private channel for you and your mates make a temporary channel with a password yourself.

Any other questions you can ask Pete, Gav, Noodle or myself.

(Randal Octagonapus) #2

What was wrong with Mumble?

(Matt) #3

There was nothing particularly wrong with it, Teamspeak is just better.

(DayC) #4

Good work Matt, i’m used to being on Teamspeak so i’ll add this to my channel list.

(Xenoscythe) #5

So I can uninstall mumble now then? :smiley: Yippee.

Nice job!

(Peter Woodberry) #6

Teamspeak looks nicer, audio quality is better and its easier to maintain that Mumble.

(Rob Thomas) #7

Never noticed a difference in audio quality.

(Peter Woodberry) #8

Mumble keeps data sent to a from the server to a complete minimum so theres is a difference but its just very small.

Also everyone under the sun uses Teamspeak and everyone new I have to bring onto the mumble always has to download it.

(Josh) #9

Nah same here but what I do like is being able to turn up and down individuals and it doesn’t pick up my fan which means I can actually have it on while playing, its amazing haha!

(Dean) #10

From an Admin point of view TS is fair easier to maintain. You can do most of it from within the app and not need to enter the database.

(Randal Octagonapus) #11

So basically it’s because you’re a lazy shit? Typical.

(Matt) #12

Care to elaborate on that?

Edit: Don’t think that was a reply to me, my bad.
Edit of the edit: Definitely wasn’t talking to me

(Josh) #13

Can we do SSRCG day and night themes for TS? Would look smart, just a suggestion. I would attempt it but have no idea how you do that sort of thing.

(Owain) #14

Ant won’t be happy.

(Peter Woodberry) #15

This was a decision made by everyone behind the scenes at SSRCG Ant included.

(Matt) #16

I’ll talk to them about it, in the mean time you can get a client side skin here or search the net yourself for a better one :smile:

(Josh) #17

Already did they all look fucking wank lol which is why I said about doing a decent one. That is the only thing I miss about the mumble was my nice dark metro skin.

(Matt) #18

Yeh they’re not great but they’ll have to do in the mean time.

(Josh) #19

Dat arrogance doe…

(Adam) #20

I much prefer teamspeak, good choice!