SSRCG Team Speak

(Rob Thomas) #21

Fucking brown nose.

(Bradley Shaw) #22

I have just set up a sub domain for the Teamspeak server for easier access because remembering the ip is harder than the url. :wink:

You can now connect to:

(Matt) #23

You can bookmark it so you don’t need to remember it :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one though,.

(Bradley Shaw) #24

Didn’t know about bookmarks derp. Not really used Teamspeak much.

Its also safer for the server to have the Teamspeak connection through cloudflare because of haxers, and ddosers :smile:

(Dean) #25

How does that affect it for latency though? It’s a bit different than to having a website through it.

(Bradley Shaw) #26

Well it still gives the IP address for the Teamspeak however, when someone tries to access ssh, ftp or stuff like that by bruteforce or sending a LOIC attack or something cloudflare stops resolving the ip for them

EDIT: or so im led to believe

(Dean) #27

Aight cool. Now fix my mouse.

(Gavin Rainey) #28

(Sam) #29

@frosty make me a member. I use it enough !
Cheers :slight_smile: