SSRCG Tournaments are back!

(Dean) #1

So as you all know, we have been working behind the scenes to bring new things to the site and to expand. Part of that was the community nights, the other part is bringing back the tournaments which were rather successful the first time around.

However, instead of just posting tournaments as forum threads we now have, which will be the platform for all future tournaments. We will still use the forum for discussions along with the discord.

Kicking off the year we will be hosting Hearthstone obviously, with a best of 3 conquest tournament every Wednesday or the foreseeable future. You can join here - Hearthstone #1

We are also running a 2v2 Quake Live tournament since we have quite a few Quake fans on the site and Clan Arena is both the most popular game type on the game and the easiest to pick up. We will be running this for 3 weeks every Sunday starting at 12pm so that it doesn’t clash with the WoW raids. If it is successful then we will run it for more than 3 weeks, but we need to test the waters for now. You can join here - Quake Live CA 2v2 #1

We hope to see you all joining in and getting involved where you can!

Quake Live 2v2 CA #1 - Teams and F/A List
(Lethal) #2

Nice I’ll definitely enter the QL 2v2 with someone

(Gavin Rainey) #3

I will be in the QL 2v2 and I will practise for it also.