SSRCG Transformation Challenge

(Gavin Rainey) #21

juju is mental

(Sam Hather) #23

Name: Samuel Hather
Age: 21
Height: 5ft4
Weight: 16st
Goal: Bring myself down to between 11-12st this year… Quit my Pepsi Max addiction.

Method: Use phone as a calorie counter and to actually eat correct portions instead of eating 2 million calories a day in one meal, going to try eat more meals in the day but with less food… try fix my probably horrible metabolism.

Stop buying Pepsi Max after today (essay hand-ins).

I fucking hate exercising but i’m going to try and throw at least a little bit into my schedule as something is better than nothing.

(Gavin Rainey) #24

come on son

(Sam Hather) #25

Gonna be a tough one losing a third of myself but I know it’s doable, by this time next month I want to be 15stone, should be achievable on about 1.5k calories a day I think - do you reckon 1.5k cals is enough? Considering my BMR is around 2500.

(Fatmanp) #26

1500 is very low. What is your excercise plan? I would suggest four days at a gym for one hour and eat 1900 to 2000 calories. Should be good about lb a week after your initial plummet from cutting out the crap.

(Sam Hather) #27

That’s the thing - I hate exercising and have tried before going to the gym 3 times a week for a month or something, but I can never keep it up as it just makes me miserable, so i’ll probably just do some bedroom exercises or something as well as investing in an exercise bike and some weights.

I think the only way i’m realistically going to stick to this is if I do it through the kitchen I think.

(Fatmanp) #28

Do you know anybody that you could partner up with at the gym?

(Sam Hather) #29

No I don’t unfortunately, i’ve just bought an exercise bike now so definitely going to be doing that as often as possible, will be ideal having it in my room so I can just watch a tv show or something whilst doing it.

(Gavin Rainey) #30

not saying you will totally but if you dont do something because you dont like it, you will really hold yourself back.

Thats why you’re fat now, because you do what you want, you gotta be strict on yourself.

(Xenoscythe) #31

1500 is quite tough as @PhatMayneP said, though its definitely doable providing you really like and can afford chicken, rice and broccoli :stuck_out_tongue:

I follow a pescatarian diet and I’m currently eating ~1800 cal and find it super easy and quite varied.

I highly highly recommend you use MyFitnessPal and just get used to adding what you eat, dont cheat and over time you can adapt your diet to suit your goals. You can even use it to set your meals ahead of time and make a shopping list based on it making sure you stick to it. Anything else you have as a snack can be added on during the week making it much easier to keep on top of.

(Gavin Rainey) #32

My fitness pal is legendary, like xeno said just dont lie to it and to yourself.

(Sam Hather) #33

Oh yeah definitely, I just don’t think both cutting down on calories and starting to exercise would be good for my mental health for the time being. (I know about all the mental health benefits of exercising, hence the purchase of an exercise bike and that - cos I definitely do want to be doing something.)

and yeah cheers @Xenoscythe - i’m just waiting to actually have a phone again so I can download myfitnesspal, that was the plan for calorie counting though.

I’ve bought a boat load of chicken and rice and will be eating more veg as I currently eat such a little amount.

Ty all xxxx

(Gavin Rainey) #34

Dropping to like 1500 calories will drive you insane.

You are best doing down to like 2250/2200 and working out.

(Sam Hather) #35

Hm okay, well i’m definitely not going to the gym so i’ll take a look at some home work outs - maybe Insanity? and look at around the 1800-2000 mark instead.

(DayC) #36

Go to 2200 and move down in incremental steps, it’ll feel more natural and you wont want to hang yourself anymore than you usually would.

p.s go gym lad

(Lethal) #37

Come with me Sam and fist some men, couldn’t ask for a better workout.

(Gavin Rainey) #38

insanity or p90x are good

Chance isnt gymming either, he does kickboxing

(Tim Chance) #39

Name: Tim Chance
Starting Weight: 15.11(STARTED DIETING BOXING DAY)
Current Weight TODAY: 14.13

Weighin Day: Every Friday @ Muay Thai

Goals & History: Basically when my partner was pregnant with our daughter I became very complacent and packed in the gym, I struggled to fit the gym when Poppy my daughter was young, I attempted the gym again but found it very boring! I was very fit and healthy sitting around 13 stone and about 8-10% BF, I have since then taken up Muay Thai again (Did 3 years in my early 20’s) I have a fight in June my target weight is 13 stone!

I will not be doing any gym work, I will be doing the following:

Tuesday:Muay Thai 1.5 hours
Wednesday: Muay Thai 1.5 hours
Friday: Muay Thai 1.5 hours
Saturday: Muay Thai Private Lesson 1 hour & Muay Thai Fight Team Training 2 hours.

I believe anyone can achieve ANYTHING aslong as you put your mind to it. People who know me (Mainly Gav) know that when I’m in the right mindset I am SUPER driven.

We can ALL do this!


(Gavin Rainey) #40

Remember too, Chicken is like tenner for 3k at Farmfoods, it will cook down a bit but its still chicken.

P90X is great fun too and remember when u do videos u can pause

and breathe

(Gavin Rainey) #41

having to abandon this, will explain why later but its a ruddy good reason