SSRCG Transformation Challenge


Hope you’re ok mate

(Gavin Rainey) #43

I mean the beard, not the whole challenge!

(Adam Harwood) #44

Is it for a Gillette advert? Or has jade decided to grow a better beard than you so it’s coming off in shame? :wink:

(Thom Haas) #45

He’s joining the circus as ‘the incredible aerodynamic Jew’

(Sam Hather) #46

So i’ve finally got rid of my Pepsi Max physical addiction side-effects.

Jesus fuck the headaches were so bad… glad they’re gone.

(DayC) #47

Didn’t realise you had an addiction to those drinks mate, well done!

(Lethal) #48

Nice one you prick, one of my mates has the same issue with energy drinks and caffine, shags them all the time.

(Peter Woodberry) #49

Yeah I had massive headaches for a while when I quit drinking fizzy and energy drinks just after Christmas.

I’m struggling with the diet atm, just get too tempted by stuff when I’m at work so the sooner I land a new job the better!

(Sam Connolly) #50

How are people coming along so far?

I’ve lost a grand total of 1lbs so far, but if I’m honest with myself I’ve not been eating all that healthy, and the only change I’ve made is measuring my portions but it’s usually counter acted by me eating quick food from shops for lunch. So I’m going to start trying to make shopping a bit more of a regular thing so I can make my own lunches and properly measure my portions and calorie intake.

(Tom Cannon) #51

Join the Club whole 1lb down. Not going to lie I started eating healthy and then got bronchitis and couldn’t be bothered cooking after work. Clearing up now so going to start getting back on the bike and eating healthy.

(Gavin Rainey) #52

im down around 3 lb but had a week of sickness

(Peter Woodberry) #53

Since I started going to the gym late last year (October time) I dropped from a 34 to a 32 waist, Starting to put some good size on my arms, chest needs work and starting to get that 6 pack back again!

(Xenoscythe) #54

Lost 9lb, way too much as my goal was to drop bodyfat % not weight, going to rewrite my nutrition plan as I’ve not properly taken into account all the extra exercise I’m now doing. Throat + chest infection didn’t help either. Feeling good though!

(Anthony) #55

Down about 4kg so far, but lost 2kg of that to a nasty vomiting bug since Friday which absolutely wrecked me.

(Fatmanp) #56

I have not weighed or measured myself but my 1rm on Squats has gone from 100kg to 110kg and deadlift has gone from 100kg to 105kg. Can’t say I have been adhering to my diet very well though.

(Sam Connolly) #57

Good to see that even though some of us haven’t quite done as we planned we’re sticking to it, recognising what needs changing and how to go about it.

Good job so far all, looking forward to the final results :smiley:

(Ben ) #58

Ive been on a session all weekend and Wagamammas tonight so I am currently balanced out!

(Sam Hather) #59

oh god no

(Fatmanp) #60

191.8lbs this morning. The starting weight of 195.6lbs is a bit of a lie because two weeks later i went up to 198lbs after a serious binge.

Starting to put more emphasis on upper body at the gym. Small thing like my dumbell curls improving and being able to increase reps on my highest weight on bench press (50kg x 6 is now 50kg x8).

(Gavin Rainey) #61

keep it up bro

people are telling me they see difference in my face and midrift now at work.

will weigh in soon but i was heavier than 19 1 i think

i am in the 18st range now.