SSRCG Transformation Challenge

(Gavin Rainey) #62

Infact, sundays weighin took me at 18 stone 7

when i started when i weighed at work it was 19 stone 1 but when i done it at home 19 stone 4 but either way im on it

(Peter Woodberry) #63

So I’ve torn the LCL in my right knee which is gonna set me back quite a bit but I can still do machine stuff at the gym for upper body, I just have to avoid compound lifts for couple of months.

(Xenoscythe) #64

oh rip, is that your football done for the year?

(Peter Woodberry) #65

Only a couple of months I think, LCL isn’t anywhere near as bad as an ACL. Still sucks though because I had a hamstring injury before xmas :frowning:

(Fatmanp) #66

How are we all getting on? Weighed in at 188.6lbs this morning. Going to be putting more focus onto my arms to aid the big upper body movements.

(Gavin Rainey) #67

losing, slower but losing

work is mad atm

(Peter Woodberry) #68

My injury has really set me back but I’ve been back in training for a week now and I’ll be back to playing next weekend!

(Sam Connolly) #69

Not fantastic for me, I’ve got a tendency to eat like shit when I’m cramming to get uni work done, think I’ve made the choice to put this on the backburner for now and come back more committed when I’ve finished uni assignments (2 - 3 weeks time, might go over depending on project deadlines).

I don’t think I’ve put on any weight, I’ve just not actively lost any at the time being.

(Sam Hignett) #70

Yeah its been going alright. I’ve not gained a ton of weight (sitting around 9 stone 8, so only like 8 pounds so far) but I’m getting into a good gym routine and feeling a bit better for it. Just still need to sort out the food situation. Still not eating enough (of the right things, bloody well polished off a box of 60 freddos at work, not the healthiest solution), but I’m too lazy to sort out a proper meal plan.

(Tom Cannon) #71

Lost ~8lbs, had a week where I felt like shit and then injured my knee and gained like ~6lbs so could be going better. Hoping to get back into this properly now my knee works again.

(Xenoscythe) #72

Was going well, but ended up completely slacking, my eating went to shit and my workouts dwindled. Really disappointed in myself as there was no real excuse other than new baby. I think my main problem is i was doing my entire workout at home, it lead to me procrastinating and putting off all together, if anything my BF% is higher than when i started.

Turning this around again starting today. mapped out my meals for the next week and I’m going to start on a stronglift 5x5 routine at the gym near my work base. I’m not looking for any major physical changes but want to focus on making this a routine and sticking to it, the strength improvement will be a bonus. Running this for the last 3 months to get form and whatnot down then i’ll try incorporating my home gym into it.

Baby is also now in his own room as of last week which means my sleep has drastically improved :sleeping:

(Adam Mc Collum) #73

Been a while since i posted here but seeing everyones insane progress thought i would throw my goals into the mix.

Been gymming consistantly 4 times a week for about a year now and seen some pretty great results. Since feb 2015 ive gone from 60kg to 75.8kg (from tonights weigh in). I had some bad luck with knee injuries which prevented me making proper progress on legs for a while, also had terrible flexibility so spent ages working on my hip flexors so i could squat properly. Also recently had a shoulder injury which meant i had to drop the weight my bench to correct it, but seems to corrected so its going up again. Currently eating 3000 - 3300 cals a day to gain weight.

My lifts are all 5x5 as i dont do 1 rep maxes.

Squat 70kg
Deadlift 100kg
Bench 60kg
Row 52.5kg
OHP 40kg

Goals are to hit 78kg and then cut back down to 76/75kg and simultaneously get aerobically fit again as im playing rugby next season and my fitness is abysmal. Thanks for reading.

(Tom Cannon) #74

So after messing my knee up again on Monday night with the extremely dangerous activity of getting into bed I spent about 6 hours at the A&E to be told I most likely have a grade 2 ACL sprain. Looks like the exercise ain’t going to be happening for a while for me then.

(Kalsi) #75

Keep up the good work, has been a good read

(Sam Connolly) #76

Finding more time to focus on this again since I’ve finished my assignments for uni and it’s just exams and demos left. Been in the gym twice since last Sunday, aiming to get in again today. For the time being I’ve just been getting on the treadmill and running, usually lasting about 30 mins but finding I’m really struggling to breathe even though my muscles don’t feel particularly tired. First run I did about 2.5km, second run I pushed myself a bit harder and hit 3.5km in the same time period. Tomorrow I’m going to aim for 4.5km and try and keep it at a slower pace so I’m consistently running with fewer breathers. Also aiming to get in the gym 3 times this week instead of just twice, as muscles in my legs weren’t hurting at all the day after the second run, if I could breathe then I could’ve pushed myself further. May also try and mix up the visits from just running while I’m there, but will probably stick with cardio for now.

Wish I’d been more consistent throughout the year and stuck at monitoring my diet like I was at the start of the year, cause I could visibly see results back then but I quickly fell off the wagon with having less time to spend in the kitchen.

(Sam Connolly) #77

Scratch that lads, did 5km, took me 40 minutes and I’m ready to collapse but I did it

(Adam Mc Collum) #78

Small update. Weight gains have slowed down over the last month, due to getting out of routine with Easter and stuff. Been eating 3500 cals but not seeing much progress on my weight which sucks, im sitting around 76.5kg atm. It will be hard to hit 78kg by the end of the month, but it is what it is.

Lifts have gone up though:

Deadlifts 120kg (1RM) 110kg working 5x5
Squats 75kg (2x5) 65kg working (with much better depth than before)
Bench 62.5kg 5x5
Row 45kg (trying to make sure my form is perfect)
OHP 40kg (5x5)
RDL 40kg (3x8)

(Gavin Rainey) #79

My weight loss super stalled I have stayed around the same for quite some time, however I can see difference in my shape, so I am going nuts with the cutting now.

(Fatmanp) #80

I am down to 186lbs now. Starting to tire of weight loss and want to bulk but am still carrying way too much BF. I think I will need to hit 170lbs before I am ready to bulk. If i am consistent I think I could hit my target around October.

Lifts have stayed pretty much the same but I am trying to add some more volume i.e sets of 80kg squat x 10 as opposed to what had long been sets of 8.

(Gavin Rainey) #82

Been rocky for me and with baby D here now im not sure if im gonna have time, ill keep everyone posted