SSRCG Transformation Challenge

(Sam Connolly) #104

Gym induction tonight, I’m still a fat shit and not even remotely close to the goals I set at the start of the year, think I found it difficult with the amount of work I put in at uni then moving, new job and wandering around euroland for a month. So trying to settle back into routine again. Bunch of lads I work with seem to be spending a lot of time in the gym have offered to put me through hell with some of their routines, so gonna tag along with them and see what they do. Hopefully having other people who go the gym regularly after work will encourage me to go, but if I’m honest I struggle to muster the motivation after long days sometimes

(Fatmanp) #105

“I want the following. Squat=130kgs 1rm, Deadlift=135kg 1rm, Bench Press=75kgs 1rm and Overhead Press=60kgs 1rm.”

I will not hit my target weight because 170 is way too low for me. 180 then bulk is now my adjusted goal but in terms the above 1rm i still have no tested them but these are my PBs

Squat 110kg x3
Deadlift 105kg x5
Bench 62.5kg x3
OHP 42.5kg x1

(Xenoscythe) #106

Great to hear how well its going for you guys! Higgyswole.

Finally sorted my shoulder injury and got holidays/stag do’s out of the way and been back at the gym a month, decided to start my 5x5 from scratch again to ease myself back into it, upping the weight 2.5kg each workout on each exercise . Really enjoy the gym at the minute plus it wakes me up in a morning!

Day 26 -
SQ: 37.5
OHP: 25
DL: 50
BP: 30
ROW: 37.5 (hate these)

Clean eating is my next plan, being vege I generally eat okay anyway but being in the office at work seems to fill my face with donuts, cookies and other bad stuff daily :rofl: Wish i could find a snack that is healthy and i enjoy. Maybe i just need to boil 12 eggs a day.

(Gavin Rainey) #107

We managed to give 145 quid to london air ambulance

even if we’re still fat and infit, we gave a lot.

I dont have any prizes for this, I was just going to throw some money at whoever won, or a jersey or some protein or something.

what do you think lads?

Also I would like to maybe improve what we do.

Next year starting Jan 1 shall we do it again? And maybe we could do some group things like wolf run and stuff together.

(Anthony) #108

I think there is definitely scope to improve the format and running of this for next year. We can plan it properly and set up a system for documenting goals and progress that we can all view privately.

When are we going to call an end date for this year? Some point just before Christmas would be good in my opinion with review of and a write up everyone’s progress early in the new year.

I would be up for any sort of group events.

(Sam Hignett) #109

I would love a round 2 next year! I agree with @An7 that we should set up a proper system and a nice end of year wrap-up before Christmas to see how everyone got on :D.

(Gavin Rainey) #110

me too, be easier to judge, set up prizes etc then too

(Peter Woodberry) #111

I’m game for round 2 next year :muscle:

Also a group event like wolfrun would be pretty fun!

(Tom Cannon) #112

Yeah I agree with everything above. I’m definitely up for round 2 next year and like you said even if we didn’t achieve the goals we set we gave some money to a good cause.

(Xenoscythe) #113

Pulled a muscle in my back on Monday, thought my back had snapped in two.

Worst bit is I wasnt even lifting at the time was about 5 minutes after my squats, just waiting for a bench to become available, turned to look at someone approaching :male_detective: and felt it twang. Been in sharp pain since then!

Lesson learnt: Always stretch properly before and after weights, no matter how silly you look.

(Gavin Rainey) #114


I am 100% starting yoga.

(Peter Woodberry) #115

You often find pulling a muscle is a result of overworking it then a sharp movement after making it tip over the edge.

I’ve pulled my hamstring twice and both times were stretching for a loose ball after sprinting 60-70 yards moments before.

(Gavin Rainey) #116

Man I’ve started the kettlebell workouts and they are murdering me