SSRCG USF4 League Season 1 - Signups/Info

(Peter Woodberry) #1


Signups Open - 14th October 2014.
Signups Close - 31st of October 2014 at 11:59PM BST.
League Start - 1st of November 2014.


  • Round Robin
  • Each match is first to 5 sets.
  • 5 points for match win and an additional point for each individual set win.
  • In game settings: 3 rounds, 99 second timer.
  • Loser can change character between games, winner can ONLY switch ultra.


To sign up post your SSRCG name and a link to the steam profile you will be playing in the league on. Signups close on the 31st of September 2014 at 11:59PM BST.

  1. WoodchucK -
  2. Van Slab -
  3. TannerRob -


1st - TBC
2nd - TBC
3rd - TBC

(Rob Thomas) #2

May as well.

(Dean) #3

How does playing the games work? Do you have to play them on a set day, or do you have a few days to complete the match?

(Gavin Rainey) #4

You can do them at your leisure.

@WoodchucK signups close in september?

(Peter Woodberry) #5

October I fucked up it was late when I wrote this up :smiley:

@Noodle Its not going to be strict but there will be a deadline for all the matches to be played by.

(jbssteve) #6

yeah put me down too pete