SSRCG USFIV Gameplay Thread

(Van Slab) #1

Post all your games from in house tournaments/leagues/casuals in here

(Van Slab) #2

Rod vs Rob

Gav vs Rod

Rod vs Pete

Rod vs Rob

(Rob Thomas) #3

I played so bad in that first set. Somewhat happy about the last set though. My Chun still needs a lot of work.

Edit: After watching that last set back I take back what I said. I’m fucking terrible. Some of the punishes are so bad it’s not even funny.

(Van Slab) #4

Rod vs Shock

Rod vs Ant

Rod vs Luka

Rod vs Pete

Rod vs Shock

(Anthony) #5

@Rod do you capture or use the upload to youtube feature? It never works for me.

(Van Slab) #6

Capture from the replay channel

(Van Slab) #7

@SupaShock @imnotstilldadaddy Get your sets uploaded

@An7 Where’s that double KO?