Steam Keys and Downloads *Giveaway*

(Gavin Rainey) #1

I have these:

Let me know what you want


Can i grab Broken Sword 2 and Knights of Pen and Paper as well please man? <3

(Gavin Rainey) #3

Done, keys sent to you on skype


Cheers man. I’ll grab it when i get back tomorrow.

(Thizz Romp) #5

I’LL TAKE MEDAL OF honor or if its taken crysis or which ever is free thanks 4 u’r gaming support bro.

(Dean) #6

I think this give away was more for the community than new people to sign up and get free stuff.

(Van Slab) #7

I’ll have Shivah and Type Rider if you still have em m8

(Thizz Romp) #8

if u still have burnout or crysis that would be awesome. thanks 4 sharing.: )

(Xenoscythe) #9

9 months ago buddy, they’re probably gone now!

(Dean) #10

Nice to see you getting involved and not just signing up for free keys.

(Luke) #11

I have a few games of Talisman to gift on Steam if anyone wants them.
Talisman is a broad game made by GAMES WORKSHOP.
If your interested let me know. Steam name is: Brew.Drinking.Gamer

(Dean) #12

Holy shit steam integrates into Discord with a Buy button. I tried that game and had no idea what was happening. We can play it at iSeries one night, seems like it will be a laugh when drunk.

(Rob Thomas) #13

I’ve got a The Division key that I don’t need if anyone wants it.

Open to offers.

(Dean) #14

I’ll take it at iSeries