Street Fighter 5 (leaked teaser)

(Breese) #1

Looks like someone will be losing their job today at Capcom. They accidentally posted a teaser for Street Fighter V on their YouTube Channel. Which was promptly taken down. I assume this was meant to be shown during the Capcom Cup tournament starting next week.

Mirror has been posted onto Dailymotion Link below.

Street Fighter 5 - Teaser by Xboxygen

The trailer reminds me a lot of the recap videos that come out soon after EVO. Interestingly it will be Exclusive to PS4 and PC.

What do you guys think? I the small glimpses you get of what I think is the game. I think it looks pretty sweet.

(Rob Thomas) #2

Fucking Cashcom.

(Lethal) #3

Definitely going to be buying this for the PC.