Street Fighter V General

(Adam) #1

Any of you guys playing this? Stick your CFNs in here and I’ll keep the OP updated. We should get some lobbies going.

Frame Data for all characters:


(Van Slab) #2

Infiltration gunna shag universe and win at least 5 premier events

(Breese) #3

I’m playing on PC. My internet is very shitty though.

CFN ID = Breese

(Adam) #4

Daigo’s gonna come out of hiding in a couple of weeks though

(Sam Hather) #5

will buy on the 11th x

(Rob Thomas) #6

I’m probably the best player ever.

(Adam) #7

First to 15 pls

(Rob Thomas) #8

Name the time and the place bitch.

(Dean) #9

I’d offer a drink to the winner at the next iSeries, but then Rob would win by default as he will turn up.

(Adam) #10

Just had a sick match against a Gold Chun, he won the first game, I rematched him and won the second and he rage quit before I got the points. Capcom need to do more about this.

Any advice for Laura vs Nash? Feels like an impossible match-up at the moment. All I have is that I can chase his V-Reversal and get out of his V-Trigger with Command Dash.

(Rob Thomas) #11


(Adam) #12

Yeah that’s where all my current Laura stuff is from. Too bad basically the only other guy playing her is Wolfkrone and he’s garbage. Mike Ross doesn’t count.

(Rob Thomas) #13

I’ll be online tomorrow from 6 if you wanna play some games.

I play Nash so you can practice (Y).

(Adam) #14

Yeah sure, sounds good.

(Adam) #15

One of the great mysteries of SFV solved. Games aren’t always P2P, that’s why resetting to lobby can fix laggy games.

(Xenoscythe) #16

Is there a way to force it to use either way or are you stuck with it being random?

(Lethal) #17

Finally bought this today, I’ll try and give it a bash this evening and fuck up in that tourney

(Adam) #18

It’s seemingly random, and horribly inconsistent.

(Rob Thomas) #19

Has that been confirmed? I saw the post this morning and the OP said it was only speculation.

(Adam) #20

Nah it’s not officially confirmed, but I think it makes sense. It would explain a lot of the problems.