Tavern Brawl

(Ryan Roberts) #1

Anyone played Tavern Brawl? I had a couple of games yesterday, really fun. The Dragon thing is definitely the stronger of the two, but I won a game with Rag in the end after a clutch brawl.

(Gavin Rainey) #2

Yeah I have like 4 or 5 wins in it and Jade has over 20 now, massive roleplayer that she is she enjoys it a lot.

Nefarian is OP for sure but it makes it very fun to play Rag.

(JadEasY) #3

If you can take rag passed the weapon, you can rek people. The hero power is epic! Then again Nefarians hero power can be so OP too!

Gav, i think you will find im a professional hearthstone player… i write shiz down and everything

(Gaskin) #4

I enjoyed it. Hope next weeks has a construction element to it.

(Van Slab) #5

First game this week played against a face hunter super fun

(Gaskin) #6

This weeks is terrible.

(Dean) #7

Can I point out that two posts ago you asked for this.

However yes it’s terrible. Run Murloc or face hunter to win the Internet.

(Gaskin) #8

I wanted a constructed version but something with a bit more imagination. Something like ‘only pirates’, I don’t know… not just a normal constructed deck but with bananas…


Here’s hoping for the next one.

(Van Slab) #10

Something similar to Challengestone would be cool

(Ryan Roberts) #11

Tried this weeks last night… just another week of Hunters, with extra randomness.


Possibly the worst week so far, atleast it feels a bit strategic though if neither of you get any decent Beasts.

(Gaskin) #13

better than the banana’s but they fucked it up again. Personally think Hunter is one of the weaker classes in this though, Ryan.


This week by far the best IMO, I’m playing a Priest deck, robbing the opponents shit and summoning stuff whilst I’m at it. Feels good.

(Gaskin) #15

Yeah, agreed the best brawl so far. Feel Warrior is the most useless class! Funny watching people using things like Vanish and twisting nether only to watch their minion also get destroyed / thrown back.

(Dean) #16

@Rod secrets mage seems like it would dominate this.

(Van Slab) #17

It does, I have a 100% win rate with it

First guy I played against was running zoo with like half a spell he got pretty shambala’d


Only because you wouldn’t take my challenge!

(Gavin Rainey) #19

Demonlock is really very strong on this brawl

(Anthony) #20

Having a lot of fun with Mage for this weeks brawl. Got a few Deathwings on board from using pyroblast to :smile:

I hated that one with the webspinners, didn’t find it fun at all.