Tavern Brawl

(Ryan Roberts) #21

Most enjoyable brawl thus far for me, I played Rogue which worked really well. Only lost a couple of games to priest (double deathwing…) Gutted it finished!

(Anthony) #22

I also had a priest get 2 deathwings out against me.

I pyroblasted him then he used mind control…

(Ryan Roberts) #23

This weeks offering is ok, most people are running Priest / Rogue with high value cards - turn one Alex is not nice…

I’m rocking with a Murlock Shaman.

(Xenoscythe) #24

I’m loving this weeks brawl, wish hearthstone was like this all the time :smiley:

Enjoying Priest for all its card stealing abilities and Shaman because getting 19 kelthuzads on the board is pure hillarity


TB did this, turn one Kel Thuzad, turn 2 into 2 Faceless Manipulators on him - hilarity ensued haha.

(Xenoscythe) #26

I didn’t know there were breaks between brawls :frowning: Why don’t they do each one for 7 days?

(Ryan Roberts) #27

No idea… they stop Tuesday morning I think then return around Wednesday midday.

(Ryan Roberts) #28

New TB is a preview of TGT, two premade deck Mage vs Hunter.

(Gavin Rainey) #29

The mage deck is > too

always nice to win with hunter

(Rob Thomas) #30

Played a few games vs @Adzi yesterday and preferred the Hunter deck.

Miracle Hunter is gonna be fun.

(Ryan Roberts) #31

Double death rattle week in the new TB. I managed to pull of a 20 damage turn with two leper gnomes and Baron River.

(Gavin Rainey) #32

I but Rivendare in my deck too

i only do 1 TB game a week though just for the pack

(Ryan Roberts) #33

More or less the same, I tend to play a few… but lose interest quickly. The 10 mana pool one interested me as I got to break out my old miracle rogue, I don’t think anything since then has kept my attention.

(Ryan Roberts) #34

This weeks’ Tavern Brawl is the best effort yet, it’s a co-operative vs a Boss Creature, works very well.

(Randal Octagonapus) #35

This weeks Tavern brawl is worth a play

(Ryan Roberts) #36

So this just happened in the new Tavern Brawl to me - attacked my yeti into the peddler and it killed my Yet on full health. Anyone experienced this?


Perfect turn 1! :smile:

(DayC) #38

Picked up 5 wins for a quest in no time at all with a death rattle buffed hunter. Unsure what the benefit of these things are besides a free card pack.

(Van Slab) #39

Enjoying this brawl

Druid is pretty good with Alex + innervate

I’m playing super cycle freeze druid

(Ryan Roberts) #40

Rogue is nice in this weeks brawl; hero power, fan of knives, shiv and undercity valiant. Backed up with Gruul, Stormwind, Questing adventurer.