Tavern Brawl

(Randal Octagonapus) #41

I ran a Malygos mage and it wrecked

(Van Slab) #42

JA i teched in a kezan after losing to ice block a few times

(Sam Hather) #43


Play Mech Warper and and Metaltooth leaper and GG


Yeah it’s just rubbish, I mean cool that we can do it but not worth actually playing more than one game of.

(Sam Hather) #45

You actually think that? Think it’s a really good Tavern Brawl tbh. Seeing loads of cool combos


I’ve only played 3 games and 2 were Warper/Metaltooth and then a Priest, but then I was playing the combo so I feel bad for that one lol.

(Adam) #47

Coldlight Oracle + Naturalise so good.

(Sam Hather) #48

Still gets wrecked by warper haha

(Gavin Rainey) #49

divine strength and angry chicken

(Adam Harwood) #50

I used that deck and won the first 5 games. Was so funny.


Just satisfying.

(Van Slab) #52

Played against a guy running Humility, Eye for an Eye and Repentance. absolute madman