TeqR CS double header

(Thom Haas) #1

The CS lads have our last two games in esea this Sunday. Matches are at 18:00GMT & 20:00GMT.

18:00 - de_inferno vs Europediots
20:00 - de_overpass vs SILENTGAMING (score 0-3 to silent)

Hopefully we will get someone to stream the GOTV, I think @Frosty is indisposed at the minute and @Easy hasn’t got back to me yet. I am sure we can work it out tomorrow day time.

By my calculations, so long as we win one of these matches we will reach play offs for the first time as a team in esea and in a much harder league than before.

So hopefully you guys can come support us and cheer us to victory in the gayest most sexual way that ssrcg is known for.

(Sam Hather) #2

I can’t wait to be impregnated by all 5 of you. Best of luck to you all and up the fox!! :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face:

(Lethal) #3

Sweet, I’ll make sure to watch if there’s a stream up and running.

(Adam Harwood) #4

I’ll be watching if there is a stream.

(-.---.) #5

How does playoffs work then? Is it top 8 of playoffs go into main and the rest inter or something like that?

(Thom Haas) #6

Not entirely sure my self something along those lines but I think fewer get into inters

(Thom Haas) #7

@smather gonna stream :smiley:

(Sam Hather) #8

I got chu boys <3

(Thom Haas) #9

first game a FFW, very strange! but that means we made playoffs im 99% sure now :smiley: woo

(Sam Hather) #10

Can’t seem to find a GOTV for this game… have messaged admins and will update in here if i’m gonna stream

(Sam Hather) #11


(Sam Hather) #12

GG boys.


(Thom Haas) #13

wooooo but we will have a very hard game so unlikely to get promoted to intermediate even though we only need one win