TeqR esea S25

(Thom Haas) #21

(Thom Haas) #22

I let this slip because I’ve been super busy so here goes.

(Thom Haas) #23

Keep forgetting to update this.

We made playoffs, game is tomorrow (wed 9th 20:30 GMT).

It’ll be streamed on twitch.tv/TeqResports come along if you can and support us, if we win this we get promoted :sunglasses:

(Lethal) #24

It was a shame about last night. Hopefully tonight you’ll get promoted to make up for it.

I’ll be sure to pop on and have a gander.

(Gavin Rainey) #25

not a bad effort for playing with a sub

inferno is hard when not all 5 are on the same page