TeqR esports Results

(Gavin Rainey) #1

Hi Everyone,

A master thread for all the matches @Nodawe and the lads will play.

ESEA UK Open Season 23

A link here to the league standings.

The way the league works is as you play you will play people close to or similar in score, swiss style.

Top 32 I think it is qualify for playoffs (please correct) and top X from there go to Intermediate.

Results so far: 8-6

16-6 win vs Moose SportZ
16-8 win vs SpackHandle

6-16 loss vs Xstasy
16-8 win vs Beir Bua

16-19 loss vs vs Orgless Players
7-16 loss vs Team On the Ball

16-11 win vs Primero eSports
7-16 loss vs 60 Watt Vapers

4-16 loss vs Dead Element Gaming
14-16 loss vs Odin.Esports

FFW vs TrashBaggins

16-14 win vs Omen eSports EU
FFW vs Epoch

3/11/16 9:30pm vs Animosity Esports
unconfirmed time vs Thats 18 Inches

results will really have to go our way if we are to make playoffs for esea

Open League Winter 2016 Europe

2-0 vs Anarchy due to no show. we are now top of the table
2-0 vs Rusty! 16-0 16-0 :zipper_mouth:
2-0 vs Team Deter default win!
2-0 vs Meridian default win!
1/11/16 18:00 vs Odin.eSports
8/11/16 19:00 vs Arcana White

According to @Easy we are already through here. I dont know where he got that info but lets run with it :smiley:
Primero esports changed their name to Illicit_UK and got all there games over turned so heyho

(Lethal) #2

I recognised some of the teams such as uFag and Odin, ez wins + I would love it if our CS team played against them.

(Gavin Rainey) #3

We shall see, we have some revenge matches to play from some of the silly losses from LAN.

(Thom Haas) #4

Also doing this http://play.eslgaming.com/counterstrike/csgo/csgo/open/league/winter-2016/rankings/ were in group BE which is Bo3

(Gavin Rainey) #5

Jesus ESL have some major pull, that’s a lot of teams.

I see TPO are in there

69 teams of 5, 2760 players (assuming all lineups full)

(Chris Davey) #6

I had a quick check of the top teams from last season; top 4 from uk open go into main and 5th-16th go to intermediate.

(Sam Connolly) #7

Eco on Full Buy got 16-0’d by uFrag 2 LAN’s ago, avenge us pls

(DayC) #8

The greatest deags in the land

(-.---.) #9

Just seen redSNK on Team OTB, should be a really good watch that match :slight_smile:

(Gavin Rainey) #10

Ajay is from Enemies in Disbelief, they beat us 16-7 i think and came 4th overall.

Win or Lose ESEA is to gain info as a team and improve

(Gavin Rainey) #11

Updated thread to be generic and have ESL stuff, I will put a faceit section in with cup results when we’re rolling on them.

(Peter Woodberry) #12

Number of teams in the playoffs for ESEA depends on how many teams are in the division, I feel like theres less this season? (correct me if I’m wrong) but they’ll announce it towards the end of the season I think.

(Dean) #13

The maths are way out on this. Confused which you mean.

(Thom Haas) #14

We have a bo3 ESL match at 20:30 on Thursday if anyone is interested. @Sync not sure there will be GOTV for this one sadly, could be wrong though

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(Gavin Rainey) #16

that is so sick

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Shame for the no show, since it’s always nice to see some play happening. Regardless a win’s a win, see you lads on Sunday! :slight_smile:

(Gavin Rainey) #19

The lads did a faceit cup instead last night

finals score 21-18 (de_cbble):

link for demo:

(Thom Haas) #20

The final was train, that was the semi final we won 16-10 or something