TeqR Esports v Sorby Esports Academy - ESEA Bo3 19:00pm TONIGHT

(Sam Hather) #1

So the TeqR boys have an ESEA Bo3 tonight that we’re about 80% sure will get them promoted into the intermediate league if they win.

Lineup is the same god squad as usual: @Nodawe © , @Cabbage, @Electrix, @joss and Daniel (DJ).

Inferno - Sorby Academy > TeqR esports 16-5

Nuke - Sorby Academy > TeqR esports 16-14


WATCH LIVE: As always you can watch the game live at www.twitch.tv/teqresports

I will keep this thread updated with scores and of course post when live :slight_smile:


(Xenoscythe) #2

go gettem boys

(Gavin Rainey) #3


Come on boys as many of us as possible will be in to watch.

You can do it, you have a strong map pool and are well drilled.

(Lethal) #4

Shame I can’t watch this tonight. GL lads I’m sure you’ll shag them :harrygasm:

(Sam Hather) #5

In the famous words of Taz : “Woah, you got this boiz”.

(Sam Hather) #6


(Sam Connolly) #7

Nice try lads, go back and watch the demo, Lucky and one other guy who’s name escapes me had the aims of gods.

(Sam Hather) #8

Lucky was an absolute monster.

GG boys, nice try and on to the next ones.

edit - OP Updates with scoreboards

(Thom Haas) #9

Decent effort from us. Learnt a lot personally, I’m clearly a T side calling god and an awful CT caller :joy::joy:!

Hope it was good for the younger lads and they learn from it as I certainly did.

Thank you so much for streaming and watching everyone through out the season. I won’t forget it.

Especially @Frosty & @smather

(Sam Hather) #10

Much love to you all <3