TeqR Overwatch - Disbandment Announcement and Reading

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Following the tradition of reviews documenting large SSRCG and TeqR announcements, I thought it was only fair on my part to provide an insight to the failed formation of the TeqR.OW roster, as well as things that can be learned from and what’s happening going forward.

The Beginning

The story begins following LAN; we felt that despite not making it out of groups as a mix roster there were large potential to build a team around what showed promise, of which we retained 2 out of the 6 roster.

Around late September, @Easy came to me with the intention of forming an OW roster to compete online and at upcoming i-Series events, and I accepted the challenge with the desire to have a competitive, highly-competent UK team that could improve and challenge high placings.

Over the next month, we trialled multiple applicants for all roles, initially accepting ranks ranging from Diamond (Top 10%) to higher. The requirements then shifted to achieving Master (Top 1%) and things were looking relatively promising early on.

We decided that for successful applicants, they would be issued as a trial member until the full roster became finalized, so that once the team was put together we can all make sure each of us are on the same page regarding work ethics, commitment and LAN attendance, but also make sure we understand what the new players expect from us. From this, we picked up a Scandanavian player called ‘nNeco’ and a Britsh player called ‘Strix’, both support players. The final iteration of the roster was:

@ManyReasoN (Captain, Main Tank)
@Lex (DPS)
@Veasu (DPS/Flex)
nNeco (Main Healer)
Strix (Off Healer)
vacant (Off Tank)

What were the problems?

Problems began to arise a couple of weeks ago. This culminated in issues regarding the game itself and commitment. From myself (although I can’t say for others) I feel that balancing workload from university became increasingly difficult which led to myself not being able to organise practice, search and vet the potential last player to fit into the roster as well as fundamentally playing the game myself. Issues I felt crept in regarding the game was the negative impact that patches had, as well as the stagnation of certain design choices that Blizzard implemented, although I can only speculate if it had much impact on the team at all. Looking back, the high threshold we set for applicants may have been a reason to the slow progress the roster made in forming together.

Around a week ago, I was preparing to talk to @DayC and @Easy regarding the disbandment of the team, but decided to hold off for a week to see how things were and if the situation improved at all, which sadly it didn’t. Following that, today we decided to close the roster indefinitely.


Firstly I’d like to thank @Easy for giving me the opportunity that most people would be chomping at the bit for, but also apologise about the roster not materialising. Maybe in the future if someone else comes about for OW, they’ll be able to form a roster quickly, but who knows. The support @DayC gave us during practice was fantastic, and something that we can take forward into whichever game we spread to in future. Secondly, I’d like to thank my teammates, in particular nNeco and Strix, after putting up with multiple tryouts and waiting around regarding the roster. Maybe if they’re interested they can introduce themselves on SSRCG and maybe they’ll find themselves home like I did way back in 2014!

So what now?

Going forward, I can’t say for sure what the other members will be doing, but I’ll be putting on hold playing competitively (and most recreational gaming) for the time being. I’ll review the time I have in January since I’m relishing LAN again, but if the workload is still too much then I might have to see you lads over in August. For whichever game I’ll be playing in future (whether it be CS:GO, LoL or something totally different), hopefully one day I’ll be able to represent TeqR and make them proud. Currently I’ll still be interested in streaming TeqR.CSGO matches but if the workload settles, I’d love to do something more directly involved with the team.

Sorry if that was in no way an Easy Reading, but ah well I tried to make it not seem so hard.

See you all around,

(Gavin Rainey) #2

Great read, I moved it to SSRCG because I seem to have broken those TeqR esports sections

(Sam Hather) #3

Gutted to hear that things didn’t pan out for you guys.

Excited to see you have a go at some other games going into the future though, you’re a great player and i’m sure you’ll find your home somewhere. (CS? :wink: )

You’ll have to force @Lex to come to LAN with you and @Veasu anyway! :slight_smile:

(Thom Haas) #4

Come play CS don’t be afraid to ask me to play any time. You can carry me any time :heart_eyes:

(Sam Connolly) #5

I’m sorry to hear that you’re disbanding the idea Ste, it sucks especially if you’ve been trialing for months on end. But at the same time, if you’re struggling to balance work loads, you’re making the right call. You’ll have the rest of your life to play games, you only get one shot and getting a decent uni grade. Personally I found myself playing a lot more games when I was working full time because you have structure of when you work, you can plan and organise what times you can be on without as many unexpected work items cropping up and taking over your time in the evenings. Maybe this is something you could come back to in a years time when you’ve finished uni?

Also I’ve been playing CS a lot lately and very casually, so if you want me to throw you some invites then will do.

Also @smather [quote=“smather, post:3, topic:1587”]
You’ll have to force @Lex to come to LAN

Lex hasn’t seen my sexy face since I moved out in June, he’ll be dying to come to LAN.

(Sam Hather) #6

Please come carry @Prio and me on CS @ManyReasoN

(DayC) #7

Gutted this didn’t work out for you guys, you were a highly independent team and even though it took a long time to put the roster together there were hopefully a few lessons in there that you can take forward into future comp setups.

Smash the work and get the money coming in then come back strong on the games if you’re still interested. All the dinosaurs here will tell you that getting yourself sorted takes priority. I remember @Easy and @An7 telling me this shit back on the halo2forum when I was a kid.

@Prio is right too, the line of work we’re in you find yourself having more structured, regular, quality play time which is great for comp gaming. After uni it feels like you’re getting a lot less play time because it’s much less bingey but on the whole it become a lot more consistent.

(Lethal) #8

You seemed really into the OW competitive scene so I was quite shocked to see this, never mind mate