TeqR plans

(Gavin Rainey) #1

Lets discuss the plans for teams going forward.

TeqR CS:GO - Nodawe (Captain), Karrage, Electrix, Ogre, Kristof

TeqR Hearthstone - Lethal, ShipWr3ck

TeqR Overwatch - Sync, Veasu, Lex

TeqR Leadership - Myself, Noodle.

(Sam Hather) #2

@Veasu @Sync i’m very much up for this - so we’ll have to have a chat soon if you’re interested :slight_smile: Can smash out Season 2 and see how we do, in an ideal world i’ll be the worst person on the team, as that would make the team a very good one! Message me like if you wanna go ahead with this!

@Easy More than willing to help with the development of the brand if you need some help pal x

(DayC) #3

@Easy i’d still like to keep playing Hearthstone but my work at the new place is keeping me in submission at the moment. I regret not spending more of the weeks before i58 not practicing more and ended up getting really frustrated with the game as a whole.

What i need i think is a more structured plan for myself. I go in and out of phases of enjoying HS and right now im in a slump. If i force an hour of constructive play each work night and put a few more in on weekend nights I think ill be able to build up a consistency rather than being good at certain meta points and not at others.

(Dean) #4

This is where I plan to come in going forward. I’ll be on the look out for tournaments and such to fit peoples schedules. You guys just play the games while I do the admin work, if you need any help feel free to message me on one of the 53 chat programs I use.

(Van Slab) #5

For now I’ll be limiting my homosexuality for a bit

Just going to be messing around with wonky decks and maybe enter thee odd online tourney every now and then

(DayC) #6

@Noodle that sounds good i can work with you on that.

What’d be good in the team is statistical analysis and game reviews from an external perspective. I cant record games just yet but i will be picking up a new hard drive to record my stuff on if needed, probably best to record tournament matches and the like.

(Sam Hather) #7

Plays.tv should be staple on any persons machine I think! :slight_smile:

(-.---.) #8

Yeah I’ll definitely be up for it too since for me Season 2 won’t be anywhere near as unbearable as it was in S1 with the changes so I’ll probably on it everyday to get grind dat easy GM :wink:

We can maybe bring the team together sometime over the next week and see what’s gonna go on with people if they wanna keep playing (or maybe have a secondary squad for people who can’t commit time-wise or want to play casually if we have more people who want to play OW.)


I’m invested into Overwatch, I’m not great at it but it’s honestly all I wan’t to play atm. Probably enter the odd HS tourney and get a bit serious when it comes near.

(Adam Harwood) #10

I would like to chuck my name in the hat to represent TeqR at Hearthstone. Or even looking towards the future with a possible ‘B’ team for CS:GO.

It has always been a dream of mine just to play at LAN with a team and as you know I wasn’t able to do this at i58 due to myself being honest with 3 or 4 teams and saying I wasn’t able to commit due to work commitments. It was a great pain of mine to watch all of the CS:GO teams playing and knowing I could of been apart of that. Honestly, I felt left out. CS is my game of choice, always has been, always will be. My current plan for spring is to go to i60 with a CS:GO mix team consisting of friends I have played with for the last few years.

With friends, they know the drill, what my lifestyle is like, how we play together and what each other is capable of which is why I have decided this is the one we go to. Win, lose or draw, we are going to do it. But that seriousness of playing scrims, training smokes & studying games won’t start to take shape properly until the new year so it will be on the backburner for a while.

So with all that in mind, I intend to turn more focus to Hearthstone for the next few months. Laddering with Meta decks (not my own creations like Secret C’Thun Paladin) to crack Legend. Looking for the tournaments to participate in. I would like to come into the fold of the TeqR Hearthstone Division and do you all proud.

It is obviously up to you guys and I won’t be hurt if you say no. The ball is in your court.

(Gavin Rainey) #11

TeqR is all about the community and bringing the community up. You would be a great asset and you can arrange training with the others which is something we talked about but it didn’t come together before

(Peter Woodberry) #12

Since I’m no longer competing properly in CS (still sub/6th man) I’d be more than happy to help out in some way, be it managing social media or helping out with a team.

(Lethal) #13

I’ll still be playing daily on Hearthstone under TeqR.

(Van Slab) #14

Nice. I’ll give you access to the VK page

(DayC) #15

Unfortunately streaming isn’t an option mate, I can upload videos when I get to work but that’s the extent of it :frowning:

(Gavin Rainey) #16

I will give you a shout

(Gavin Rainey) #17

I should be okay, I don’t want to dilute anything, if you play you are a player.

I’d also like to see some commitment on Overwatch starting pretty soon then. The season may not be out but there are a tonne of cups and you can play clan wars.

(Peter Woodberry) #18

Yeah no worries man!

(Gavin Rainey) #19

skype me when youre about

(Sam Hather) #20

It just auto records any game you play mate!

@Easy i’ll speak to @Veasu and @Sync next week and see which of the others are still up for it :slight_smile: