TeqR upcoming matches

(Thom Haas) #1

Just to let you guys know we’ve got lots of games coming up so if you can come to the streams and show support that would be most appreciated by the team.

We have games:

ESEA 19:00 GMT 10th Feb (Gav)
VIKINGCUP - Potentially a bo2 at 17:30 GMT 12th Feb (we will steam due to no GOTV)
ESEA 20:00 GMT 12th Feb (Gav)
ESEA 18:30 GMT 13th Feb
ESL Bo3 19:00 GMT 14th Feb

If you can stream any of the ESL/ESEA games please let me or @Easy know. I’ve put gav next to the games I think he will be streaming but he will probably update it if he can’t.

(Sam Hather) #2

As far as I remember I can stream your 13th Feb game. I’m out for Valentines Day though so can’t stream the one the day after.

If anything changes i’ll let you know.

(Ben ) #3

Where are you taking hyams?

(Sam Hather) #4

Just going with my mate to spoons cos 2x 3 course meal and a pint for £18

(Sam Hather) #5

Game about to start

(Sam Hather) #6

GG Boys! 16-14 on Cache vs Team Paatasarkee

Such a good game. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/121870537

Starts 28 min in.

(DayC) #7

Squeaky bum time lads but well done on the W!

(-.---.) #8

gg bois great win :slight_smile:

(Thom Haas) #9