The Gym and Nutrition Thread

(Gavin Rainey) #118

im feeling good and training hard, hope to keep on the same track.

(Sam Hignett) #119

Yes lads, keep it up! I’m doing alright myself. I’m really enjoying the exercise routine that I’m in (5/3/1 with a couple days HIIT cardio), slowly seeing lifting numbers go up some more, but right now I’ve plateaued with my weight gain at about 10 stone 7, right now my goal weight is 11.5 stone. Just started fatty breakfast shakes to bump up the calories so hopefully I’ll fill out soon!

(Fatmanp) #120

Sitting at about 198lbs.

Numbers have gone up

Bench 80kg x 1
Squat 120kg x 5
Deadlift 120kg x 1
Rows 60kg x 8
Overhead Press 45kg x 2

All in all my main improvement has been on the bench. I really used to struggle to do 60kg for 2 or 3 reps but now it is my warmup set which feels good. Have neglected the Overhead press hence the shit numbers. Squats and deadlifts have seen small but stead progress. Hoping to hit 140kg deadlift and squat by the end of summer. Would also like to build up to a 75kg x 5 bench but we shall see how it goes.

(Xenoscythe) #121

Does anyone have any experience with dumbells, i love the idea of them since they’re always free and no waiting but wouldn’t know where to start.

(Gavin Rainey) #122

All I use, I will give you a shout

(...) #123

Started training again march, but had 3 weeks out with a Rotator Cuff Strain/tear. Got back into the swing of things last week.

Matrix Nutrtion Anabolic Gold 4:1:1 , 86% Whey
Matrix Monster Carbs
Mr Hyde Pre-workout
Amino Acid Tabs
Creatine Mono-Hydrate

Current Reps
Flat Bench 80x7 (free) or 95 x 3 (smiths) (strength day)
Incline - 60x10
decline - 70x10
Chest Press - 75 x 10
Dumbell Flys - 18 x10

Overhead 40x10
Deadlift 120 x 10
Romanians 70 x 10
Dumbell Shoulder press 22x10

Dumbell Curls 18 x 8
Preacher Curl 40x6
CloseGrip Bench 50x10
Tricep pulldown with rope ends, 52.5x10

Squats 100x10
Sled 236 x 10 (or 260 @ 5)

Starting at 79.6kg, weighed in yesterday at 97.3kg. Some Well Needed Gains. Aim to start a 4-6 week cut in August, want to be a lean sub 8% for holiday at roughly 100kg.

+1 for Xeno on Eat this Much. Helps to get me to a rough 4.5k per day after gainer.

Has anyone personally gone through testo boosters? Got a coupon for Kong, but i’m not sure whether to give it a cycle or not.

Getting back in the gym the last few months has helped me out so much mentally, been in the best headspace i’ve been in for quite a while (minus the 5am wakeups!)

(...) #124

Been a Good Couple weeks for me, although i’m beginning to plateu putting on weight. Still yo-yoing between 96 - 99kg.

Changed my routine up and started going through 5x5 sets.

Flat Bench - 100 x 5reps (3sets), 105 x5 (1) 110 x5 (1), all on free bar
Inline Pres - 80 x 5 (3) 85 x5 (1) 90x5 (1) all on free bar.

Preacher curls - 40 x 5(2), 42.5 x5 (2) 45(1)
Thinking Curls - 20 x 5 (2) 22x 5 (3)

Squats 150 x 10 (x3)
Sled 275 x 10 (x3)

Anyone got any tips for gaining in weight? Got 1 month till im going to cut for holiday

(Fatmanp) #125

How often are you going to the gym? Using a TDEE calculator would be a decent start. Plug your info into one of them and east between 250 and 500 cals above that number.

This us a good one

(Sam Hignett) #126

I’ve been slowly gaining weight for the last year and a half and, for me at least, the simplest answer was the correct one. I wasn’t eating enough. Like @PhatMayneP said, as long as you know your TDEE and eat above it, there’s like a 99% chance you’ll gain weight if you’re consistent.
As for the eating itself, everyone is different but I found it easier to snack frequently and have high calorie shakes as opposed to giant meals.

(...) #127

Yea, its gotta be down to i need to eat more, which is what a few guys at the gym are saying.

Like that bmr says intake should be around 4750 for gaining 5kg in a month.

Roughly calculating, my normal breakfast routine (which ive had today) + 1 shake of gainer gets me to ~2100 calories in.

Roughly 400 calories at lunch, and 900 at dinner, adding in 2 more gainer/protein shakes, should be at roughly 4800.

Suppose its going to end up coming down to adding an extra shake in isn’t it?

And training 5-6 Times a week

(Sam Hignett) #128

Fuck me that’s a lot of calories. That’s impressive if you can manage that many. However you can get your calories in easiest has got to be the way to go.

(Gavin Rainey) #129

gainers are often full of sugar and stuff

(Peter Woodberry) #130

So I’m back in the gym now, season due to start August 4th and I’m actually the fittest I’ve been (injury wise) for probably 3 years.

I’m looking to build a bit of upper body strength but don’t want to go crazy, and really focus on my core.

Anyone got any good routines or tips?

(...) #131

Planks, and weight them. Hold them, if you ain’t sweating they aren’t hard enough or not being held long enough.Seated dumbbell leg crunches and side pulls for the side obliques.

For upper, good ol’ Bench, and military press, get the shoulders tri’s involved in one setup. Wide grip lat pull downs.

Just sunk some money into some more mass flap jacks. Chewing those when I come onto break in the afternoon, will help bump up intake aswell.

On the downside, I’m now starting to looking into planning my cut for August. See where and how I end up for September. Not sure whether to actually go slow or go the slightly less healthy option and 3 week cut and force ketosis :confused:

(Gavin Rainey) #132

Why are you bulking and cutting so strictly? Are you preparing for a show? Bulking and cutting in such bulk can be rough on you and unless you’re doing it for a specific reason like a show or to make weight for something I wouldn’t worry too much, use 250 cal increments and enjoy life.

Also look into the bars you’re buying in detail some of them are worse than high street bars sugar wise.

I used to life the supplement life now I occassionally take unflavoured whey in coconut milk and frozen fruit.

(...) #133

If i’m honest it’s all aesthitics for me.

90-100kg Cut on someone my size normally looks amazing, so set myself that goal back in feb, as well as keeping a 1:1 bench ratio.

The reasons for the bulk are that i wasn’t happy with the photos of me from my last holiday, looked like a gangly mess with a gut.

Holidays in September so want to be cut for that, as well as a trade show week. Regardless of what anyone says, looks sell, So i want to be in good shape/looks for that coming show.


I got back in the gym tonight for the first time in a good while. Everything was great except I was really struggling to keep my heels flat to the ground whilst squatting.

I had a quick look online and the general consensus seems to come down to either trying to go too heavy (which I don’t think is my issue) or having tight hips and hamstrings. I sit at a desk all day at work so the latter would make more sense.

Does anyone have any ideas? Am I on the right track? Do I just need to stretch between sessions to loosen my hips? I wanted to bring my problem here to get opinions that I trust.


(Gavin Rainey) #135

yoga, and maybe use a small plate as a heel support, i helped someone with that before

(Dean) #136

Spend a weekend in Eastern Europe

(...) #137

Dynamix Eddie hall beast gainer is on sale at home bargains for £14.00 instead of £32 if anyone cares for that