The Gym and Nutrition Thread

(Xenoscythe) #121

Does anyone have any experience with dumbells, i love the idea of them since they’re always free and no waiting but wouldn’t know where to start.

(Gavin Rainey) #122

All I use, I will give you a shout

(...) #123

Started training again march, but had 3 weeks out with a Rotator Cuff Strain/tear. Got back into the swing of things last week.

Matrix Nutrtion Anabolic Gold 4:1:1 , 86% Whey
Matrix Monster Carbs
Mr Hyde Pre-workout
Amino Acid Tabs
Creatine Mono-Hydrate

Current Reps
Flat Bench 80x7 (free) or 95 x 3 (smiths) (strength day)
Incline - 60x10
decline - 70x10
Chest Press - 75 x 10
Dumbell Flys - 18 x10

Overhead 40x10
Deadlift 120 x 10
Romanians 70 x 10
Dumbell Shoulder press 22x10

Dumbell Curls 18 x 8
Preacher Curl 40x6
CloseGrip Bench 50x10
Tricep pulldown with rope ends, 52.5x10

Squats 100x10
Sled 236 x 10 (or 260 @ 5)

Starting at 79.6kg, weighed in yesterday at 97.3kg. Some Well Needed Gains. Aim to start a 4-6 week cut in August, want to be a lean sub 8% for holiday at roughly 100kg.

+1 for Xeno on Eat this Much. Helps to get me to a rough 4.5k per day after gainer.

Has anyone personally gone through testo boosters? Got a coupon for Kong, but i’m not sure whether to give it a cycle or not.

Getting back in the gym the last few months has helped me out so much mentally, been in the best headspace i’ve been in for quite a while (minus the 5am wakeups!)