The NiP Situation

(Gavin Rainey) #1

Ninjas in Pyjamas, the most successful team in CS:GO history, made up of:


They have their ups and downs, win a major and get papped in groups and Fifflaren retires.

They pick up the wildcard Maikelele. Known as a good player but never recognised as a top 1%, despite being statistically one of the highest at GFinity.

He looks good at DHW and they barely lose in the finals. They look good at MLG but if you rewatch and dig deeper, he doesn’t quite look like he is playing as well as he could as a CT awper. The playstyle of nip seems to be a little less versatile whereby they always have an awp on him.

Le Reddit detectives see that Maik is going to play for Orbit at a small LAN and add up quickly he wont be playing with NiP in games that weekend.

The organisation then announces that they are still with maik in terms of contract, but he has things to improve on and will be considered.

They run some games with Deplan the 1.6 player, he looks solid on the CT side, but looks inconsistent.

They run some games with Allu the young Finnish player, he looks solid, does he job, seems to fit in well with the team and does his job.

There is no official confirmation of what is happening.

Who would you go with if you picked someone up now?

I would be looking at Property now (Twist Berg Schneider Zende Pauf) and ask them out of all of them who would be most disappointed that Twist is leaving.

Any other ideas? Do you think it needs to be someone from fnatic, or KennyS?

(Paul Corkin) #2

From what i have seen, i think Allu has been doing a good job, he’s no KennyS but he has been doing a good job in the AWP role. As for the whole Maik thing, i think NiP should do the right thing and release him from his contract and let him get on with his career with someone else, holding him on contract while not even playing is harsh. Can’t see Fnatic letting anyone go to NiP or Titan for that matter. I think they need to pick someone and stick with them for a while and get the team chemistry back to where it was with fiffy. They should of went with Maik for another event and then decided, i personally thought he was doing alright with them, as you said they played well with him but he just wasn’t on top of his game when they needed it, with time i think that would have came.

(Gavin Rainey) #3

The only thing is we cant see the day to day practise, we dont know the complete goings on

(Paul Corkin) #4

True, But they all came out and said it wasn’t Maiks attitude, so only reasoning they have given us is his experience, which is true but surely it would of improved event by event. I such a bad situation for NiP after being on top for so long.

(C**t ) #5

Its like they are just filling places till olof becomes available (

(Paul Corkin) #6

Wonder whats going to happen Maik now.

(C**t ) #7

Same as Schneider condemned to mediocrity with 3rd-5th best Swedish teams and top 32 EU teams.

You could make a decent team within those players though,

pyth (Rifler)
schneider (Rilfler)
twist (Secondary AWPer/ Rifler)
moddi (IGL/Rifler)
maikalele (Primary AWPer)

Ignoring the vast personality issues here, that team could compete for top 6 given time. Would never happen though, could also put Delpan in there, but i think hes regressed so much since this time last year. Has a good base and skill set, twist can awp and rifle, so you have Titan(Pre KQLY Vac) style of 2 CT AWPers, so maps like Nuke, Mirage and D2 are pretty favorable, could even add Overpass and Cache to that list, but due to double awp set ups being more expensive you need a much more strict and disciplined caller and in this team it would be moddii or schneider, moddii has had many issues in the past with his attitude and schneider has no base for it. Completely irrelevant and hypothetical, though still sounds good on paper.

(Peter Woodberry) #8

Besides NiP and Fnatic the Swedish scene is pretty fucked at the minute, its just a revolving door of teams breaking up and reforming much like the Danish scene.

(C**t ) #9

and the German and the Spanish and the NA and the UK.

(Matt) #10

uk has a scene?

(C**t ) #11

Was in order of size, so no.

(Gavin Rainey) #12

Hopefully ESL helps it grow up a bit