The rise and fall of Niche/Bassline music

(Sanchez ) #1

@Easy wanted me to start this so here it goes …

Im pretty confident that many of you wont know or have heard of niche/bassline music especially people that are futher south than the midlands .I saw this article and it goes quite in depth about the culture and what the police thought it represented .

One thing i must say is that what made it so “bad” is what made it so good .I raved so hard the times i went i never needed a drink ,its a shame that by the time i got round to going to club niche(vibe) 2010 the stigma was already ingrained .

This has helped define me and i still love it to this day .

(Gavin Rainey) #2

u wot u wot get mad get mad

going lm’s gym in your megane skanking out

@Smidsy @Noodle @Xenoscythe @Roozle

(Sanchez ) #3

Then having to repair the amp because it went bang lol .

Cant believe i sold my system so cheap , but the bose in the mps is quite close to my custom set up and its stock .

(Ben ) #4

Been from Sheffield its the music I grew up on. Back in the day having all the latest speed garage on my tape player through school. Started going to vibe every Friday and Saturday night for 2 years straight but started to fall out of love with the music and the scene as it stated to change so much. It went away from its nice deep rolling basslines to the newer more “ghetto” bassline we see today. People just turned more and more into plastic gangsters and it was no longer about the music it was all about whos who and who did what. Stopped going and got seriously into my drum and bass but still have a place in my heart for the older speed garage and bassline, dropping a couple into my DJ sets from time to time.

Another good article is here

(Sanchez ) #5

There are plenty of places that will still play bassline on there nights but its usually either a small room or 15-20mins sets.I have been a few places over the last 5-6 years that have played it although it was just the classics as noone makes it anymore .

I did once sit with burgaboy as he was making a beat ,i thought it was hard before but my mind was blown then .

This is the first true niche tune us lot heard in wolves

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(Ben ) #7

@easy See thats the gay stuff haha!

This is the stuff I used to love back in the day

Also another

Thats the reall stuff right there!

(Gavin Rainey) #8

@smidsy spot on mate! I was taking the piss, coz EJ is notorious for dropping 2 cd’s an hour

(Mark Dornan) #9

This stuff just sounds like break beat with a heavier bass.

(Sanchez ) #10

@Smidsy ye thats speed garage the original stuff , i love the vocals but sometimes it good to go all grimey with the 4x4 that @Easy posted .

Dont get me wrong when it got to the point of 4x4 mc battles like trilla etc id stray to the vocal room .

However when you have a lyric like “ETAP gal a gunna get bang.£17.50” how can you not go crazy .

(Ben ) #11

@Sternritter Half that price yeah were nice 17.50! That was a guilty pleasure of mine I do have to admit haha!

@Easy some of EJ’s earlier stuff was sound but it just got shit very quickly!

(Sanchez ) #12

Can’t say I ever been EJs biggest fan especially after he got caught on MSN with a 14 yr old .

Apostle was much better ,but I hated the fact he said he was from wolves when he was in fact from a posh village just outside .

(Dean) #13

I’m not really a big fan of Bassline. I don’t mind the older stuff, but I can’t stand the new shit.

But that track however, is one of the best tracks of all time. I’m not even just talking about Bassline either, it’s a complete masterpiece.

(Sanchez ) #14

Which track mate , trillas ?

(Gavin Rainey) #15

this is all i have to say abotu Trilla

(Xenoscythe) #16

O rly

(Ben ) #17

Hahaha @Easy yes!!! Love devilman, couple of mates of mine have booked him to play in Sheffield in a couple of weeks time.

(Matt) #18

Ah man I love this kind of music.

I never really got my head around all these tiny genres with such minute differences from eachother. I just listen to what’s enjoyable at the time / mood etc.

It’s pretty obvious why it has a stigma though. It doesn’t help it is whenever you see/hear people commenting on these songs and the genre as a whole it’s usually stuff like “Remember listening to this mad out of my face on pills”.

(Ben ) #19

Isn’t that the best way to enjoy it? :smiley:

(Matt) #20

if it is then it’ll always have to deal with everything that brings haha