Truesilver Championship

(Gavin Rainey) #1

@Gaskin @Rod
Any news on the UK qualifiers for this? Wouldnt mind having a punt

(Gaskin) #2

I’m fairly certain there’s already been one online qualifier. Not sure if there’s another but think there must be as 2 spaces were meant to be available from online quals and only one qualified from the last one.

Other than that 6 people qualify from the LAN tournament on the Friday at iSeries I believe.

(Van Slab) #3

Ja the international qualifier was last Sunday

Still waiting for a date for the UK only

(Van Slab) #4

It’ll be happening Thursday at 17:50

(Gavin Rainey) #5

signed up

(Ben ) #6

Can you sign up even if yur not attending I series ?

(Van Slab) #7

YER winner also gets travel and accommadation paid for

(Lethal) #8

I signed up as well for the lolz

(Van Slab) #9

Hopefully Multiplay don’t mess these up and continue to have them so i can shag Lifecoach at spring lan

(Van Slab) #10

Looks like the lan qualifier went really well

(DayC) #11

VODs not watched them yet, what have they managed to fuck up in regards to the qualifier?

(Dean) #12

That only comment says it all. Multiplay seem to think that posting on their own Facebook is enough to draw the crowds. I can understand why they wouldn’t want to though. Everyone would see how organized they are.

(Van Slab) #13

Half way through the swiss the replacement for clanforge died so they switched to a google doc and a double elim bracket